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March 08, 2005


lefty von righty

I think the original on-air agreement was that the kid and tooth had to arrive with fifteen minutes left in the show. A compromise should have been made as Henry and his mom violated this. Henry could have Andy's $120 on the condition that he immediately turn it over to WFMU to support quality broadcasting - like driving a 9 year old to tears on the air. Andy would have been out $120 dollars, WFMU would be $120 richer, and Henry could have walked away with a magnet, and the WFMU dvd.

Rob S.

Ken, that note didn't make you incredibly nervous? It worries me to think of Andy out scouring the lands in search of a hobo.


I remember that phone call to the nursing home. Andy's a meanie!

I like the note though.

listener jon

Andy might be a meanie, but why is Ken afraid to shave his head for the marathon? That's a stunt easier than an eagles tattoo.

Ron D

I think andy should get tattoed by a nine year old for the marathon.

Henry's Mom

Lefty, don't you worry. We are not taking food out of WFMU's mouth. We are biding our time. If Henry gave it up last week, we would have no hope of soaking (or at least torturing) Andy with his own money. What could be sweeter?


OMG! Ken and Andy - this may have been your finest moment yet. I actually had to wipe away a tear by the end.

PS. Shave KEN Next week!! (2nd Marathon show)

lefty von righty

Henry's Mom,

I heard you and Henry soak Andy. It just about brought a tear to my eye. It did make me guffaw at my desk making those in my office once again wonder why I am always laughing between 3 and 4 on Wednesday afternoons - West Coast. It was the most poignant moment of the Marathon as of yet.

Vincent Vok

Hey, Andy. This is your pal Vince Vok from the old Folk City days. Looks like you've been busy. I haven't gotten killed yet.
Hope all else is good with you.

Tom Balkcom

Hey Andy, I've been searching high and low for this one track I heard of "yours" so far so good. Anyways santa claus Pirate flags the lord of the rings and 911. Star wars if you count the rag tag rebels in their little planes.

Anyways, I sorta just got fired, living with my parents, and the local radio station dosnt carry the doctor anymore. I'm sorta despirate to hear that song and though I've tried to pirate it, the internet assholes must not like it enough. Promise I'll buy the album as soon as I get a credit card and the ability to pay it off each month(living within my means, how unAmerica). I'll I could find was a short sample where you talk about how great your place is and all the fancy stuff you have within.

All i know is I cant even read the lyrics on line because they were removed for "copyright" reasons. So Unhinge the Jaw and uncross the bones, and free the mp3. Otherwise, I'm writting George Bush and telling himsome things that will prolly get me shot in a dark alley someday.

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