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March 31, 2005



Shabu? I'm almost getting sick of all the tweek coverage on the news lately.


I have some really fond memories of rocking out with these guys. Guitar Wolf definitely either made you a hater or believer, especially towards the beginning. Regardless of the legends (touring the US on Harleys with their guitars strapped to their backs), their showmanship (combing their hair onstage), their flailing frontman (who often forsook the guitar in favor of martial arts maneuvers), Billy played really really heavy and SOLID. Long live the Kung-Fu Ramone.


im so fucking these guys are my idols.....

there such a great band i hope they carry on for billy

keith martin

God Speed You Billy!

keith martin

God Speed You Billy!


i gave 1 hour o silence today for billy i hope we can all find the time to show respect to one of the most respected and beloved bass players........shame i couldnt see you in 2 weeks


Heard the news today,was shattered !Good show and fantastic Haaaarrrrrdddd and loooouddddd Rock and Roll!Will never be forgotten.THE best
guitar bands i have ever seen/heard.


Dammit! I live in Louisville KY and I wish I could have seen them play in Nashville three weeks ago when I heard they were touring. Ten days later I hear this shit. I'm pretty heated, and its a good reminder that you should always catch a good thing before it flies away.


Billy I will always remember our crazy f*cked up times in Tokyo ... gone but never forgotten. Remember that night at Milk!! Ah the good old days. Louisa xxx

Mike T

Got to hang out with Billy, Seiji and Toru before and after the Grog Shop show on March 4. Billy showed me how to spell out 'Kaminari One' in Japanese for tatto purposes on the back of my Wild Zero DVD cover that I got autographed by the whole band. Crazy awesome show. Great guys. Horrible shame.

Jimmy Po

I met Billy many times and The Wolf inspired us to keep on playing when we thought of giving up.
The Tits will miss him. Guitar Wolf we love you.

Jimmy Po - The Tits - Dublin - April 2005

atomic allen

A friend and I saw them March 14, at the Knitting Factory in LA. We had so much fun. What a shame.

God bless,


Sal Ruano

I met Guitarwolf in Hobboken,NJ at Maxwells.......I have to say the band was the best but Billy was my all time fav.He made me feel like the I was a part of the band.He was really nice and funny.
He will be missed am glad I got meet him and the rest of the band.Bless the Guitar Wolf and bless you Billy for bringing the joy of Rock N Roll to everyones will never be forgottern.
I thank you friend........for being cool and nice to me.
Guitar Wolf rules


I saw and hung out with these guys a couple times, the last being march 11 in seattle. Great guys who love their fans. Billy was always happy to chat and his rubber faced grin will not be forgotten. I'll always remember what you asked me when we were at the Crocodile Cafe, but I'll keep it our little secret! R.I.P.!


R.I.P Billy

I know you'll be rocking in heaven with all those
awesome musicians. Elvis, John, Alice cooper etc

oh...wait Alice cooper isn't dead yet.


Asian Punk

As an asian punk rocker in a city with a overwhelming indy scene, its really an honour to be associated with guitarwolf (although a little racist)

San Fran gig - gold

We'll miss you

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