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March 11, 2005



Help me. Somebody. Does this end at all?


That was my thought--how long does it take?

Ed Word

wow.. That is great

Jeff T

Higher quality video of the preformance at her site


Gee-zuss Kee-rist!'t stop watching......
...must see again...and again.....


I'm a keyboard player. I want to marry her. I want to have many keytar-wielding babies with her.

El Boz

My God......Iam fucking smitten and it ends when I say it ends.


She is sexy! She is crazy! I like her!


Waaaw she is sexy de music is wonderful beauty
i can't stop lisening de music....again...again...;again


OK! What/Who is she playing now again?!?! I got very weird images in my head. But fast finger she has yes.


"the Croatian version of The Great Kat" HAHA, that is fantastic. You are soooo right.
But I actually thought it was more akin to Yngwie Malmsteen with tits. Or as we used to call him. Wang-Wee Milkshake!

Norm Loman

Wouldn't she be great in a rock band? She's got so much style, and talent.

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