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March 08, 2005



Ah, don't forget Steinman's collaborations with the Sisters of Mercy on "This Corrosion" and another song or two. :)

Lily Sincere

A year since the post this is commenting to, but it is relevant.
Introducing heretofore unknown facts about Jim Steinman, and proving them too.

This website,

Called: Rocky Horror: Lily Sincere, Stripping Illusion
and subtitled: Analyzing Rocky Horror: Who Wrote It?

Why does this have to do with Jim Steinman? It is all about him.

The answer is: he did.

The website explains and shows all that is needed to know about this long hidden detail, but I am not surprised. When Bat Out Of Hell first came out, I assumed that it was a follow-up to Rocky Horror. Too bad, that two different names were used in writing between the Rocky Horror story and the songs for Meatloaf back then. And what ensued was a terrible confusion when someone who looks like Jim, stepped up to the plate, as if he wrote it! So, it is interesting and surprising reading, considering the twists that had to get past to bring it out.

A Google Discussion Group is connected with the site also.

None of the fans yet think of Jim Steinman as Richard O'Brien, but it is true that in the legitimate claim of the credit, the two names are one and the same man. The other guy is Richard Smith who took on the name Richard O'Brien. It is amazing to see how much he resembles the character Riff Raff and the youthful Jim. Also on the site, a rare (two exist of this one in the world) photo from Jim's childhood.

alucard it s prety good

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