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March 14, 2005


listener moonshake from MN

that was hilarious!

i am not very knowledgeable about WFMU's history. how did it turn out eventually? did neal go on to be a successful WFMU DJ or was this lesson not enough?

Pseu Braun

Oh, my gawd, the memories! Neal Adams is likely solely responsible for me doing radio, starting from when he was a DJ at Ramapo College's WRPR back when it was incredibly cool from 1980-1984. That's why he's mentioned on the back of my trading card from last year's marathon.
Neal should have remained on 'FMU but his playlist selection had a problems staying within the confines of proper airwave language. I've tried to follow his radio career but haven't heard him on the air in many years. He still remains one of the funniest DJs I've ever encountered. All the best Neal if you're reading this.
Thanks Lipwak for the clip--priceless!


Cool. Glad you all liked it. I thought it was priceless then too! (and now)

I guess that Westchester station was WRNW?

I have a few more "goodies" in my Yahoo briefcase at

I would also be happy to share anything else FMU-related that I have in my tape collection. There's a list up there as well. Contact me.



Jeff T

That was great! THANKS!


My notes indicate it was some time between 10/31/85 - 11/15/85. That's how I label my tapes.




HAHAHA!!! That's like a prescription for Joe Belock's or Terre T's shows, God love 'em.

Terre T

Recently, I was JUST racking my brain thinking...there was this DJ, on WFMU in the 8Ts, wot was his name?
HE was SO different from the other DJs: his presentation was totally upbeat--almost like an olde Top40 DJ. But he played punk, post-punk, weirdo pop! He sorta had the Original 'NYU New Afternoon Show' vibe of the early 8Ts where the music was all this punk/post-punk,cutting edge, sometimes 'difficult' music, but the DJ's rap was just UPBEAT and fun! I didnt hear Neal a whole lot, but I remember i thought he was fantastic! And i always wondered what became of him...
THANX 4 posting this!!

Carolyn Crane

I run the training programs for new and ongoing broadcasters at KVMR in Nevada City. This is a perfect addition to my training class materials! Thanks for digging it up!



Does anyone know where Neal Adams is now? We were housemates many moons ago, and lost touch....

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