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March 24, 2005


Rick Ele

Dude! I loved me some Go! back in the day! And now that every other band in the realm of noise/noisy-rock is all about inspiring the "posi" vibe these days, I say it's the right time to pull out those Go! 7-inches.

Blake Wallington

Thanks mike, that shit is pretty hard. Next time i'm pissed off it'll be the soundtrack to me punching holes in my bedroom walls.


Hmmm. Don't remember GO! from back then, and I hafta say, I enjoyed the post more than the music. Sic transit gloria hardcore.


Nice work. Mike BS was such a nice guy. ABC took the place of the CBs matinees after Hilly pulled the plug on the matinees in late '89. Fortunately, the violent dickhead contingent stayed away. This was before they cleaned up the basement, so bands were playing on the floor above, and every week, I thought we were all going to go crashing down through the floor. Good times indeed.


best bass solo i ever heard was in a GO! song.

D Curtis

Go! got me into hardcore. As a 15 y.o. alienated youth from the DC suburbs in 1990. A friend taped the BLLLLLEEEAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH 7 inch for me, & cuz I worked at a pizza place, the song "Pizza Boy" made we want to find out who this band was. I found all of their 7's & they became a big part of my high school soundtrack. By chance in '94 I happened to be at ABC a week before the reunion show they played & I drove back up a week later to see them. Fuck yeah! Go! helped inspire Positive Force DC to not do a show w/ Bad Brains!


anybody have any contact info for GO!???


Go! was one of my favorite HC bands from back then.


Wow. I'm nt sure what to say - part of me is totally blushing - but HEY! Were my vocal really that bad? Well, anyway.

GO! meant/means a whole lot to me. That whole period - with the band, the records, the touring, booking ABC-No-Rio, etc. is one of the highlights of my life.

I've been communicating with Aaron and Jim again, and we're writing music together again. So there will probably be a new release... and maybe a couple of shows. Besides, we haven't had a "Really, this is the last show for sure" show in a long time.

All the best, and keep in touch.

m i k e

PS - I married my partner, Ken, about 4-1/2 years ago. We live in San Jose, CA with our two dogs.


Thanks for this page and the MP3s. GO! was a great band and I had the great pleasure of seeing them a few times when they toured Germany (I am proud to be one of the ~1000 people who get a "thank you" in the liner notes of the orange LP). I had all the 7inches and even the flexi, all of which unfortunately had to stay in my parents basement when I moved to the US from Germany. So this post soothes some of that pain! Cheers.

Eddie Leeway's Haunted Hardcore Vol 1. (DVDRip) [2006]


I'm listening to "Yes, we have no..." right now. GO! is still some powerful music.

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