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March 09, 2005


Ed Word

Wow... that, is amazing...

listener jon

I believe! I believeeeee.....(tears dripping into the keyboard are preventing me from continuing this post.)

Didi Hylobates

It must be a miracle, it made the trees outside the station sprout leaves months early.


is it weeping? or dripping blood? any action?


It's not on ebay! Get it on there! I'll bid on it, I'm Hungry!

Rob S.

Actually they were all there for the sale on toe stubbing sheilds down at the podiatry center below. Besides, I don't see the OC in that sandwich. I see the Dirty Duck in the pickle though.


I am honored to be the first bidder on the "Miracle of Jersey City" May I be blessed as the only bidder for an entire week? Probably not. In fact I now make a prediction of the final price: $391.10!!

Chris J

Can a marathon stigmata stunt be far behind?


god almighty has graced wfmu! praise the lord! praise the lord!! long live freeform radio!!!


I was there and witnessed the miracle!! Having known him for years, I can confirm that it is the spitting image of the Codge, right down to the liverspots on his forehead.

Bill K

A cannibal would certainly learn that eating the hallowed codger sandwich would be a better first taste of religion than eating a missionary.

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