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March 15, 2005



The first car I remember my parents having was a Rabbit. Sitting on the hot plastic seats after a day at the pool = BLEH.

And since it had commerical plates for when my father took it to the city for work, it had his studio address AND OUR LAST NAME on the side of the doors. Oh, the embarrassment.

Rob S.

My mom had a blue Rabbit. I remember liking the logo. It had a rabbit on it.


my first car was a rabbit too... i was working at a pathmark with underground parking ... it was my 17th birthday and i saved for a used RABBIT my folks picked it up and when i got out of work that day it was under the pathmark waiting for me ... woo hooo... i beat the shit out of that car and came in contact with more near death experiences than one could possibly imagine... i think i killed some shopping carts with my VW too ;) and some almost killed me... oh those were the days....

once i got chased through newark by a cadillac full of pissed off folks i had cut off ... they chased me 10 blocks i finally ditched into a random driveway and turned off my lights and they whizzzzzzed by as the old man on his porch looked at me like "hey white boy why you in my driveway" ...

oh the joy....


I learned how to drive with a '79 VW Dasher. That thing was was a beast.

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