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March 06, 2005


Rick Ele

Diane, lest you thought San Diego was a scene of aging punks 20+ years past their prime and Romulan-haired cyber-edge grinders and Carcass-revisionists, check out the band Business Lady, a young quartet of freaks unaware of their resemblance to the most no-wave-sympathetic sounds from the LA Free Music Society in the 70's and early 80's. You can sample their sounds and manifesto at This was an unsolicited testimonial.

Roger Krueger

San Diego can do better than this, whoever was promoting punk shows at the Longshot had no clue what they were doing. I not only got a Weirdos "my band" show, but saw the Dickies and Agent Orange (different nights) under similar conditions. But last month when Agent Orange played a couple of miles away at the Jumping Turtle they had a pretty good crowd, even though San Marcos is kinda the middle of nowhere.

The Longshot just barely made closing time that night--California law is 2:00am closing, but unlike other states, California actually demands you have everyone out the door by closing time, not just stop selling alcohol. I was amazed they cut it as close is they did--it was only a couple minutes before 2:00, that's why security was so rushed in shepherding us out. No responsible bar would run such a stupid risk with their license. I mean, I appreciate the extra songs and all, but it was still stupid.

It was especially sad as Dix had pnuemonia and was playing against doctors orders. To go to all that trouble for a dozen people...

Anyway, I was the long-haired guy taking pictures. I've got some up on my site, but they're not great because I was still learning my new camera and the lighting in the Longshot was pretty grim. The Weirdos at Hogue Barmichael's in June came out much better.

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