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March 01, 2005


Kim Cooper

Sugar-coated lungs ain't the half of it! I was coughing up Lucky Charm chunks for a week after foolishly agreeing to man their merch table, not noticing until too late that it was planted right in the path of the mighty snack-a-pult. Some kind of self-destructive, anti-capitalist statement, I reckon. Horrrrk!

Rick Ele

The most outrageous Go Nuts spectacle had to be their custom truck with its expertly crafted bodykit which featured a fantastic facia of a bulbous red clown nose and toothy maniacal grin revealing a mouthful of sugary treats. The modified exhaust was the kind of fiery bisected unit that runs the length of the side-strakes of 30's and 40's vintage hotrods and three-wheel choppers; sizzling red sausages were painted near the chromed piping so that the exhaust gave the appearance of cooking the sausages. This snacktruck certainly gave Oscar Meyer's "Weinermobile" a run for its money.

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