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March 02, 2005



I too shall shortly be sending WFMU some much kneaded dough.

Brian Turner

Some label sent a promo cactus once to hype some alternative desert-rock stoner band's CD (also included). Unfortunately, one didn't find that out until reaching into the mailer.

Brian C.

I think BRCs cost about $0.50 apiece, don't they? (the fee charged by the P.O. for the return postage). So maybe you shouldn't encourage people, fmu listeners are no doubt a creative bunch.

So I'm a wet blanket. I'm just sayin.

listener traveler

this a really funny post, somehow under the tone of annoyance I believe you're laughing your fool ass off... at least I hope so.


i have worked in development for awhile now. the way the permits work, you pay for the bre returns based on the weight of the item.

it seems like most of what you're receiving is meant to entertain/inform/still reflect a positive not to the station. however, many people take this opportunity to get out their anger at the soliciting organization (often anonymously, which only ensures that they'll be solicited again in the future.)

i have one colleague who had a donor so angry that they glued the BRE to a brick and sent it back through the post office.

but my own personal favorite amid the shredded up letters and empty envelopes just sent to charge me another $.23 was the time i started going through the empties (also known as envelopes with no checks) sent to the opera company i worked for and curiously found a glossy piece of paper inside. i pulled it out, and opened it, and much to my surprise, it was porn.

someone sent me porn in a BRE.

which is only more amusing knowing that the vast majority of the audience being solicited were college educated, over 50 and making an average salary close six figures.

always an adventure:)

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