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March 30, 2005



holy cow! what a freak show.

i blame this blog for comprehensively and eternally shatterring all my assumptions about my fav radio personalities. especially the one that Ken is a gentleman.


Another video of Attorney General Bryce's Eagle performance, with MUCH better sound:
Download AVI (86.7mb)

Kurt Gottschalk

Bryce, man, I hope you got laid for that.

Eagle Eye

One word: BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bravo to one and all.

Timm McCoy

I can truly say that radio is this groups drug of choice A few have OD'd,some need rehab, but all in all, your all addicted. Ya'll do it 'til it Hertz!!!


This is off the chain! We'll all miss our souls. Where is the epicenter, my earhole? (intentionally ambiguous) Cowabunga!!


Most of the photos on this page were taken by me!



i'm sort of surprised that the all-knowing wfmu didn't catch that magazine's "i love you, you big dummy" is a cover itself; it was originally done by captain beefheart. weird!

Kenzo ( /

Oh, you didn't watch Bryce's Ashcrofty video yet? Well, it's moved to a different address:
Download AVI

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