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March 02, 2005



A little premature exuberating, here, as I've not yet listened to the other mp3s, but a walloping YES! for Jeffrey Lewis and the fucking genius of the History of Punk on the Lower East!! Haven't heard the uncut -- presumable the mp3 is uncut -- version yet, but heard it on Scott's and Brian's shows which is not to many other shows it's played on -- go here
I'm all about music genre education these days and between this and Stefan's marathon premium, the Metal Genre Education Kit, life is twice as nice as every before.
So, I really get to kiss you? I'll brush -- heck, I'll even gargle!


Love Herter's Crow Calling Record. Mr. Herter ran a sporting goods store in Waseca, MN, and was also the author of such fine books as "Bull Cook and Authentic Historical Recipes and Practices", "How to get out of the rat race and live on $10 a month", and "How to live with a bitch". Bull Cook is my favorite cookbook--it's full of facts like "The Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ, was very fond of spinach. This is as well a known fact in Nazareth today as it was 19 centuries ago. Her favorite music was that of the crude bagpipes of that time, and this also is a well known fact." The book then goes on to tell you the Virgin's favorite method of preparing spinach.


holy shit to that ray kroc selection!


If only Ray Kroc had able to get Howard Dean for a public speaking coach!

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