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April 30, 2005



420 is stoner speak for lighting up - as in 4:20 - as in tea time - as in marijuana=tea.


420 is the mean number of instances of "um" during a typical Stan show, as computed by the National Science Foundation in early 2003.

Listener James from Westwood

Looks like I can still get STEAMER on a Cleveland Browns jersey!

Rob S.

Damn, so much for that KOTEX jersey I've always wanted.

Ed Word

No "FLOGGIN THE DOLPHIN" Jersey on my back.

and what is "WUUTANG" why can that not be put on a jersey when Wu Tang can?

And why is "Gay Nazi" bad, but plan old hertero nazis are not?

oh NFL, you leave me perplexed.


For what it is worth, Apple has the same type of list for its "engraved" ipod program. I wanted to buy an ipod that said "Fuck Apple" on the back. Not allowed. But "Apple Sucks" seemed to be OK.


The list is remarkably inconsistent as well. I can get Butch, but not Femme (and what the heck is wrong with femme?). Also, they seem to be unable to spell, because I can get Dyke, even though I can't get Lesbian, or 'Dike', whatever that is.

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