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April 10, 2005


Stan T. Man

Up in Kodak-Land, (Sunny Rochester NY), legendary dee-jay Charlie Appell and his wife Kathy have been suspended from the airwaves for 6 months after hosting a live on-air local music show featuring controversial local artist Powered by Satan.

from PBS website http://www.poweredbysatan.com:

"This was my third time playing live on WITR, but my first time in the Post Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction broadcasting environment. Everything seemed to go pretty well. The phone lines lit up during the CD giveaways and I got a lot of great feedback from people who had been listening. It was only later that I found out that there were "complaints" and that two of the DJ's who had booked me and had helped out with the show were suspended for six months. A communique was issued listing two pages of lyrics from my songs which were potentially FCC violations and which, in the worst possible scenario, could have been worth upwards of 1.5 million dollars in fines. Some of the things which could have been considered "obscene" were kind of baffling to say the least. Most of the things on the list I would never in a million years have thought could be fineable offenses. I'm not going to list any of them since that could serve as ammunition for the Church Police are out there and who do take it upon themselves to "monitor" small radio stations for content.

As the facts filtered in over the next few weeks, it turned out that the "complaints" were actually one "complaint" and that it was from another station DJ or affiliate and not from a listener.

I do not know how much station politics play into this but two well loved DJ's with a lot of professional integrity and a real love of street level music were suspended as a result and that sucks moose balls. I am tempted to say that all this worry about FCC complaints is just people being paranoid hippies but apparently, small radio stations with no legal budgets are, in fact, being targeted by self-appointed morality cops and the broadcasting environment in the post Michael Powell era is very different from what it once was. I was left feeling like I had gone to sleep and woke up in a completely different country."

There is a link on the Badenovs blog page with Charlies take on the issue which contains contact information for WITR.



Nice quote from PBS's website:

"Between the ages of 5 and 18 I endured 654 wedgies, 1,395 noogies, and 223 purple nurples, I have been the target of billions of spitballs and sat on thousands of thumbtacks. I have had so many swirlies that I have grown gills as an evolutionary adaptation. There is really nothing an audience can do to me that will faze me."

Hervae Exvemenzyck (Powered By Satan)



His most infamous song, “Jerry,” is a death anthem to Jerry Garcia, with the chorus “why did it take so long for you to die?” He has seen many hippies lose their mellow over this one.

Stan T. Man

When all of our media has become sanitzed and homogenized, then I guess we'll be enjoying stuff like this:



Dang - even colleges are uptight these days.
The guy is just a silly , not like he's mean or anything.
Back off all you fascist kulture Kops
, go move to red states, f - off ... we're getting fed up..

ok , I'll calm down ...
I like his cryptic saying : Inside every puppet is a fist!" : )

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