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April 30, 2005



Yo this is a sweet tivi show

Rob S.

Oh man. The dream sequence ended just as it was getting to the good bits.


LOL this show is so funny! omg we laughed so much! WE LOVE REBECCA VEEVEE!!!! also same with Tiqik..

silasie veevee

that's my mother i miss her so much i don't even know when the last time i seen her or talk to her ,i hope she still doing good she so funny sometimes i get embrassed sometime's but well that's my mother with big heart!

Hannah Sutherland

Rebecca, I am cree, and living in Cochrane, ont. at present. I love your cooking show and your jolly laughter. You remind me of me as I enjoy chatting and laughing, whether it's at home, work or wherever. Most of all I love you tiny green kitchen. I had the privilege of tasting seal meat back in Moose Factory, ont. A 94 yr. old elderly lady whose name was Hannah from up north offered it. I think if i was offered it now I would have enjoyed it. My sense of taste back then was too young and did'nt appreciate good food. If you get this e-mail you are welcome to e-mail me back. meequetch. HANNAH

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