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April 13, 2005


Chris T.

Is that "Jack" as in "jackshit" as in "They don't know jackshit about radio?"

Bat Guano

Not only does it sound like an iPod, it sounds like some lame-ass stranger's iPod.

Could there be a connection between this and all we've been hearing lately about Bush's iPod? That we're being brainwashed into thinking a little boomer rock, white-bread jingoistic country rock and the oddball ("My Sharona") track makes for edgy musical entertainment?


there's a station in Austin with a similar shuffle-play format called "Bob". Not Bob Dobbs, presumably. Maybe they didn't want to pay Jack the royalties.


Why does Corporate America feel some canned-man recorded voice with rude comments will replace a personality? Don't we get enough of that from the companies we work for? We don't need it from a radio station we CHOOSE to listen to!

Bigus Dickus

You know, there's a reason that these songs are no longer on conventional FM radio playlists: THEY SUCK!

Bob swenson

Jack just took over K ROCK in seattle.Lame


Mix 104 Fm in the Twin Cities just switched over to the Jack format also. It's a nice change to have a radio station that actually plays music and I don't miss the DJ's. The 70's, 80's, 90's and current music is nice as their competion is KDWB 101.3, KS95 94.5.

My only negative comment is that the one voice does get annoying. It would be nice to have a few voice doing the "cute promos".


Keep up the good work. I'm likin it.


PUT BACK K-ROCK...Who listens to a radio station that plays Dancing Queen one minute and Smashing Pumpkins the next...I have removed the preset button in both of my cars...IT IS SO BOGUS!!

Jacked in PDX

Our oldies station here in Portland (97.1 KISN/KKSN) just got "jacked." Now it's 70s/80s/90s. I hope there's another oldies station somewhere on the dial; I hate this crap.


Yup, Seems New York's Krock Radio (92.3 WXRK) has been the latest victim of the "Jack" format, It's new slogan "Great Rock, Period." signifies the randomness of the iPod theory. Personally I like it better than the alternative format from before which I knew the playlist by heart. It does keep it more interesting and more liking to songs I thought I never would (especially the 80's hair metal :p) We'll see where it goes from here. Damn clearchannel!


I don't like the fact that no one makes the playlist and it's just a historical top 40. an easy pick for hits, but not all that interesting. In Seattle they're calling it "we play what we want" but this certainly doesn't sound like free-form to me...


Jack format doesn't know Jack about listeners. Who wants a pseudo personality when you can have a live human playing songs that meet your interests.

The playlist is only part of radio. I have a cd, mp3 player but I still liked to listen to a live human and news, traffic etc....not a marketing ploy innane voice.


We just got one in Madison, WI. The station has gone through 5 formats in maybe four years: '80s -> '70s and '80s -> "retro to right now" -> Classic Hits -> "Charlie" aka Jack. I wonder if this was planned. Owned by Entercom, fwiw.


I don't know. It kind of rocks. LA just got it. I liked the old station but they kept playing the same heavy in, day out, year in, year out. At least this feels fresher. Maybe I need satellite radio...?


WQSR-FM 105.7 in Baltimore has been Jacked; they fired a morning show staff that had been on for 17 years; it has gone from an oldies station to noise that I will no longer listen to. I wrote to the head man in NY and pointed out to him that we all have other options then the JACK format. Its sucks.


WBUF in Buffalo just switched to Jack from a "Talk Radio for Guys" format that was only a few months old. They were just advertising on Sunday that their talk format was new material that you couldn't hear anywhere else. Now we have a bunch of old crap playing randomly. If I wanted to hear old music, why would I be listening to a talk radio station?

Jeffrey J. Chapman

Jack FM just barged it's sweet ass on 92.9 WBUF-Buffalo. 92.9 has been the everyman's station for at least the last 10 years of my memory...going from all female rock, to smooth jazz..."dancin' oldies".... and most recently, all-talk.


1. No DJ
2. Figure this out - Jim Croce, Nirvana, Pat Benetar, and ABC (the band). ?
2a. Don't forget the Pina Colada - Escape song from Rupert Holmes.
3. I miss Don and Mike.


MJ Ferguson

Yup: radio of the 70's is back guys..crappy radio of the seventies that is. 'Jack'? good idea if run right..BUT! Isn't that really why reality tv is a 'hit' with networks? You dont have to pay 'stars' millions like Cheers and Seinfeld and Friends, get losers to work for next to nothing and other losers will watch. Hmmm..get rid if REAL jocks and pay some guy to be your 'voice'?!? Sounds like sevenites corporate radio all over again..didnt that kill radio the first time around? I miss Don & Mike and Brother Wease on BUF too.


Jack FM took over 92.9 in Buffalo, NY and it blows! I miss Don and Mike and Brother Wease.


I personally like 106.5 the Arch and the different genres. I don't listen to just one kind of genre of music. I love almost all kinds of music, and I like going from the 70s to the 80s to the 90s to now. Works for me.

Jack is cool!!


Worst format EVER! I feel like I've been slaped in the face by 92.9 WBUF. All JACK will do is convince me that I'd rather hear a shuffle from my OWN MP3 player. Maybe they want to eliminate all key demographics leaving only one, people who are too stupid to shuffle music themselves.

Simon Pole

I'm from Vancouver, where the first "Jack" station started. I have to say, when it first went on the air, it was a real relief from what the other FM commercial stations were playing. The emphasis seemed to be on 80s pop hits you hadn't heard in a long time, which no one else was playing.

Jack quickly became the station that was played in the grocery store, the variety store etc.

That being said, after the novelty wore off, I found myself listening to Jack much less. Its still good to punch on, to see if they are playing an old hit you want to hear -- but you only want to hear the old songs so many times.

In Vancouver, we were lucky because Jack just replaced bad FM stations, and didn't kill the AM oldies stations we have -- of which there are two. The first (650 CISL) is a traditional oldies stations that still has a couple of old Vancouver DJs from the 50s who were on the mainstream rock stations at that time -- its kind of nice that they're still spinning records in town. The other is 600 CKDB Adult Favourites, that plays Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. etc.


WCBS-FM in New York, oldies bastion for 30 years, turns out to be the station that fell victim to "Jack," as opposed to WXRK. Great. Now the formerly alternative but recently "broadened" WXRK, predictable classic rocker Q-104, and the cloyingly named "Jack" provide us with three stations that play roughly the same music.


Last comment is correct, WCBS 101.1 NY, Along with it's on air personalites, got JACKED OFF. I don't think infinity radio knows jack, comparing the listeners to the old format to be "relitive" to be dealing with craftmatic beds. If thats what they think, they can go to a religion format. All I will say is, I'm glad to have sirius radio,ch.4-8, and I don't need a craftmatic. (yet).

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