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April 13, 2005


Thomas  Bennett

Love the "jack radio".The eclectic approach seems best! Listening out of 101.1 FM in New York. Frankly i got tired of the dj's talking too much, and trying to tell jokes which were painful to listen to. I'm not even talking about the endless commercials,which made me scream! I love the succinct smart ass delivery of the DJ on board. All the best! P.S. How about some Moody Blues more often. Thanks.

The Limey

Jack 101FM is also loud and clear on AOL Music! Jacking all over the world. This format hasn't really caught on here yet, but the restrictions are stricter in the UK and you can't just change a format without permission from the government licence providers.

The IPOD shuffle has just kicked up two Queen records on 101FM. Machine must be malfunctioning.


So, let me get this straight. For years people complain about radio with the same 115 songs in heavy rotation. People flee commercial radio in droves. Fine, I have no problem with that -- I don't really need to hear "Movin' Out" for the 563rd time since 1979 (hell, I didn't really need to hear it the first time, but that's a different topic).

So someone -- granted, it's a large media conglomorate, but still, it's someone -- starts a station with a far larger playlist, where you don't hear the same song literally three times a day. Good lord, there's actually some variety! Sure, not every song is a favorite, but hell, it's over in three minutes anyway, and with such a large playlist, at least you won't hear it again for a good long time. So this is better, right? We're all pretty happy, right?

Good heavens, no! Instead, everyone complains about -- well, what *are* you complaining about, exactly? That you don't love every single song they play? Well, uh, guys? It's radio. You know, someone else other than you is programming the playlist. So yeah, you're not going to love every single song. I don't love every song they play on KEXP or KCRW, and I bet you don't, either. Doesn't mean the whole station is shit. I mean, I know this is probably really hard for some of you guys to noodle out, but if you want to hear nothing but all your favorite songs, the radio probably isn't quite your medium. Your iPod is.

Or is it that, god forbid, they've taken away the oldies station? I don't get it. By this stage in your life, haven't you heard "Build Me Up Buttercup" enough times? Are you seriously complaining that there's a station that *doesn't* play the same 115 songs day after day? I mean, doesn't that strike you as a bit bizarre, if you really think about it?

I'm really curious as to what sort of radio station would actually please you lot. One that sticks strictly to one genre? I guess we can let out WFMU then. One that plays only songs from one particular decade? Again, I guess a lot of you will be turning off WFUV. I don't get it.


i have friends who are high-level executives at infinity broadcasting, and y tell me that the news is not good for oldies fans in six major cities.

on or around labor day, infinity will replace oldies stations in boston, philadelphia, detroit, cincinnati, san francisco and los angeles with new formats. five of the six---except for l.a.---will switch to jack fm. infinity will decide any day now what l.a. will switch to, but it won't be jack as there already is one. l.a. may go spanish.

there are jack clones in most of the five markets where infinity's oldies stations will be changed to jack, but infinity believes the original jack fm will do better among listeners than the clones.

infinity is moving away from oldies and embracing jack!


I am 15 and I always used to listen to WCBS FM 101.1. It was the only station that I actually liked. I loved listening to Mickey Dolenz in the morning on my way to school, and Cousin Bruicie on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The music was PERFECT for me. The Beatles for Breakfast program was fun, as well, as was the Fab Four at Four (I like Beatles songs).

Then I went on a class trip for a few days to South Carolina. Even though this was in June, I remember it CLEAR AS IF IT WAS FIVE MINUTES AGO:

I came back, and turned on the car radio to preset #2, and heard an unknown announcer say, "...On 101.1 JACK FM. We play...what we want." My heard started beating and I quickly turned the radio off.

I wondered whether this was some new joke of Mickey's (on april 1st he had said that CBSFM was now using SAP and that you could hear songs in another language. APRIL FOOLS! Anyway, it wasn't april, so I got worried.

I tried it again at home, and it was playing some HORRIBLE 70's or 80's song and I felt sick. I absolutely hate some of these kinds of songs.

A few days later I tuned in for a few seconds, and I heard a woman on the phone saying, "I want to listen to CBSFM! Where is it? I turn on the radio and I get JACK FM. What's happening?" Then the announcer (the same smart-aleck voice that drove me crazy) said something like, "Tough for you. This is JACK FM. We play...what we want."

How could a radio station INSULT a woman calling in to ask a simple question?

Later I heard someone named Jack calling in to ask if they could play more One Hit Wonders. The announcer said, "We don't take requests. WE PLAY WHAT WE WANT. Like your name, though."

One night I figured it out: That fateful day was the Day the Music Died. I see ashley (above) had also figured it out.

Now I NEVER listen to JACK FM. (okay, maybe for a few seconds, but that's only in the faint hope that they will go back to oldies.)

Now I usually listen to 93.9 WNYC Public Radio or JAZZ 88.3 FM. But never JACK.


I dont even have an dismissed awesome DJ to make me hate Jack FM. It's flat out canned crap.


Radio is DEAD as a music medium.

It's a proper comeuppance for an industry that was way too arrogant for way too long.

Only thing that kept it going was that the internet and satellite radio hadn't come around yet.


I personally like the Jack format. I see where people are coming from with not liking every song but what station ever in the history of radio has ever had a playlist that EVERYONE loved?

The radio industry is struggling to redefine itself through creative outlets. I think that Jack is a step in the right direction in the rebirth of radio.

Radio will never die but it must reinvent itself in order to keep up with the times. Jack is a positive step towards this goal.

Jason H.

Well hello again,

The truth is SOME PEOPLE WILL LIKE THE JACK FORMAT and some wont, my hat goes off to the people out there that understand that radio is trying to change, but sadly it isnt because they want to its because they HAVE TO TO SURVIVE.

there will always be great radio stations, in someones opinion, you know what they say about opinions though.

everyone have a great day, and remember the radio spectrum runs from 88.7 to 107.9 theres bound to be SOMETHING on there for you

as far as complaints, there will always be people born with IQ that warrants no understanding of the world.


Bill B

This Jack format is a reaction BY MANAGERS to getting their brains beat in by corporate and being asked the question: how will you deliver budgeted increases in revenue? Answer: stick on a new (read: hot/talked about) format and buy yourself another year to get there. Most GMs don't know JACK from jack shit. They just want to be first in line so they can brag to their pals at the club. Once this thing cools off (and it IS already cooling off in markets like LA, Denver, etc.) it'll be a race to see who can keep their job! Also, the ratings in both NY and Chicago have absolutely SUCKED since the stations went on the air with the JACK format. Maybe the bloom is already off the rose? (footnote: in markets like Nashville where the oldies station dumped it's format for JACK, a competitor switched to Oldies and has garnered even higher ratings that the former oldies station. Does that mean that a bad operator is a bad operator regardless of WHAT format they are running? We'll see!

K. Johnson

It's happened to St. Louis as well. Smooth Jazz 106.5 (WSSM) flipped over to 106.5 the Arch sometime this spring, ending St. Louis' only Jazz station.

Blake Davis

Jack is AWFUL - the same recycled crap over and over and over again. I wish there was something new in music, but the "new" stuff that my teenage kids take off the internet sounds like same shit that's been coming out for 25 years. (and most of what they listen to is as a result of music they dicover from the past - for example my 12 year old daughter is a big Beatles fan) I think we've long ago reached the end of what can be done with the way music has been traditionally made. The end of the decade is usually the time when innovation comes to music (acid rock/heavy metal etc. in the 60's, punk in the 70's, Seattle based in the 80's, pretty much nothing in the 90's) so maybe, just maybe something new will happen. Thank god for WFMU....

Bozo T. Clown

JACK FM is like hemlock.

Beat The Devil

FM from HELL!!!!!!!!!!!, JACK FM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


wkhl should get jacked, because all they seem to play is rainy days and mondays. i also hope wrka out of louisville gets jacked. both of them play the same music they have a good times and eight oldies like station. fuck rka and khl.


I love the 97.1 nashville oldies station. it brings me back memorys of fox 97 out of atlanta that recentley changed to an urban format. i am glad that cool 105 out of atlanta. they changed to a viva format. i'm so let down that gt108 dumped oldies. i loved them. they went off on june 5th. it ruined my birthday. i am so dissapointed to loose big ways 105 out of macon. i hope wtry doesn't get jacked


Want to give a shout to the FCC about Infinity and all the other conglomerates who care more about playing what they want instead of what we want? Check this Consumer Union site and send a complaint to help try to break up Infinity into tiny little pieces the way it should be.


As a loyal fan of WCBSFM in New York for many many years I am at a loss for words to express my feelings about losing
WCBS FM 101 the only radio station in New York.

I hate Jack FM and I will not lissen to that station ever. Thank God I found another oldies station Kool 96.7 in Fairfield Connecticut that I can lissen to. The format is a lot like WCBS FM.



I just had wanted to make a correction from my last statement. I meant to say that WCBS FM is the only radio station that had played oldies in New York.

PS. Jack can play what they want, but that does not mean that I have to lissen to what they play

I Have Better Taste Than THOSE A$$HOLES


jack in the beanstalk

dont worry folks, 101 cbsfm in new york will be back to its old self again (pre-2005) very shortly. they nosedived to 26th in the lastest ratings. real bright folks running the place.


That doesn't mean CBS-FM will switch back. The demographics are better with the new format even if total ratings are down. Going Jack was basically management's way of firing their listeners and hiring a new bunch.

It's actually not such a bad format. All the music you kinda remember (assuming you're in the 30s-40s target demographic), but probably never liked quite enough to buy the record. And going DJ-less is perfect; it's about time corporate radio stopped pretending it has personality.

Stop Crying!

Dude, what a bunch of bitchers and moaners! 90% of the people on this comment site should just STFU! Being from Jersey and working in an office with a bunch of middle-aged women hearing the same shit everyday from that Jerkoff Cousin Brucie and his fake radio voice playing the same songs everyday on WCBSFM. I can't believe people miss that guy or the station! It was aweful! The station was horrendous. There were retards actually protesting to keep the station in NYC. It wouldn't be that bad if he realized that there were more tho oldies than the same Beatles and Stones songs every f**king day! At least this station adds variety. Some of it may be crap but come on, at least it's a variety of crap and it's not all that new punk where everyone sounds the same that's popular now. Jack's ok for now. I also recently started listening to it and I haven't heard the same song twice yet-rather refreshing. Let's all face it-Commercial Radio sucks everywhere! Opie & Anthony-XM Satellite Radio Channel 202!

Canadian JACK

i live in toronto, and i've listend to 92.5 JACK FM (CISS/CJAQ) since the format premiered here.

however, i have since stopped listening, instead listening to 92.9 JACK from Buffalo (WBUF). much better.


C'mon people - get a clue. George Carlin nailed it like thirty years ago - "playing the BOSS songs that my BOSS told me to play". Radio stations are businesses, and businesses exist for ONE reason - to MAKE MONEY. Don't like it? Start your own station; it'll only take a few hundred thousand to put something on the air that'll reach part of a typical metro area.

Personally, I'll take JACK over the other crap on the airways today. At least there's some variety - although I've yet to hear anything on JACK I liked well enough to have actually purchased (and I have HUNDREDS of records/tapes/CDs).

Want to hear the same dozen songs over and over, mixed in with the same old rehashed "humor"? Buy the smallest MP3 player you can find and put it on shuffle - you'll be set for the rest of your life. If you're really daring, you can expand your playlist to TWO DOZEN songs, and rotate ONE out of the player every other month or so with something "new". WOO-HOO!

However, if you TRUELY like music, check out either XM or Sirius - they're both pretty damn good. If all you want to hear is songs from ONE decade, it's there. Only want to hear Frank Sinatra and his cronies? It's there. Old-school country? Ditto. Want to hear the wacky and zany antics of a couple of mid-double-digit-IQ "morning guys" every day, virtually all day? Have at it! Hell, even Howard Stern is jumping ship - and he probably makes more money in ONE year from radio then the combined income of everyone who has posted to this thread.

Sure - in some respects XM and Sirius are no different than regular radio because they DO need to make a profit in order to continue existing. However, the fact that they charge for their service rather than having to suck up to advertisers gives them a lot of elbow room when it comes to what they play. It's simply amazing - plain and simple. I signed up 2-1/2 years ago and have never looked back.

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