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April 06, 2005


Chris T.

I don't know but maybe that baby's mama oughta stop breast-feeding until she can see a doctor about her horrific skin condition...


Tit Maggots anyone?

Chris S

cynically>Sesame seeds are a good way to find out if your child is allergic to nuts./cynically>


What next for the Golden Arches? Drawn over the Fallopian tubes in a diagram of the female reproductive system? Outlined by the heads of two sperm who just happen to be swimming side by side close enough? Upside-down in a woman's bra, or a man's balls?

This is fucking creepy.


Just fyi, the direct link to the ad (and background info) is here:

(thanks, Brian!)


If McDonald's thinks they can convince some dork their buns are as good as Momma's milk, they're gonna need lots of help! It's a twisted way to sell their junkfood.


I seriously hope the picture is a fake, and not something released by the fast food giant. I watched Morgan Spurlock's 'Super Size Me' documentary a few weeks ago on satellite. After viewing his guinea pig report on what McDonald's food does to the body, and the lengths a corporation goes to in promoting its products, the picture makes perfect sense whether real or not.


i love liquid beef.


The pic's definitely genuine. I remember seeing it while driving through Austria in 2002, and being faintly horrified. But then the Austrians are renowned for having a bizarre sense of humour.


Haha, I think it's kinda cute.

Jeff T

Yeah this is real. I e-mailed it to friend overseas and he confirmed it.


McDonalds is even making our babies fat.


Yeah Greg - because our 'babies' are all capable of purchasing food with no assistance, aren't they!!

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ohh....stop feading babies with junk food. They will be so fat on they'll get older

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Account Deleted

Yes i agree.. because our 'babies' are all able of buying meals with no support, aren't they!!
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Also hope the picture is a fake! I don't know but maybe that baby's mama oughta stop breast-feedin. OMG!!!

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