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April 25, 2005


Krys O.

I can only hope that this was funded by taxpayer money so the entire House of Bush/House of Saud tumbles down like a House O' Cards.


Obviously Ken is linking to the radio spots page in the hopes that someone will create a humorous cut-up piece using this audio as source material. Okay, Ken, I accept your challenge!

Presidential Prayer (edit)

Station Manager Ken

Wow Jim, you read my mind and made water spray out of my nose! Thanks! I'll be sure to play that on the air next week.


Thomas Peake

Unbelievable. The site quotes an article from Newsweek:

Newsweek Magazine Reports President Bush's Faith in God
The latest edition of Newsweek Magazine has as its theme the godly faith of President George W. Bush. The lead article details the President's journey to a sincere faith in God after many years of church attendance without a living faith.... Here are some of the more notable quotes from the article:

"Faith helps Bush pick a course and not look back. He talks regularly to pastors, and loves to hear that people are praying for him." -NWM [that's funny, he doesn't talk regularly to anyone else!]

"The atmosphere inside the White House, insiders say, is suffused with an aura of prayerfulness. There have always been Bible study groups there; even the Clintonites had one. But the groups are everywhere now." -NWM


You are connecting fatih and Bush. Oh my god...
Or should I better say ohlord? This guy is only pretending this christian thing for the leadership and the war..

Greetz from Germany, Hans Kredit

Jason Parker

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Where did you find this guestbook by the way??? I'd like to have one like this on one of my sites!!!

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