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April 25, 2005



"Is Vitalic the current incarnation of Baccara and Dschinghis Khan or am I just a sucker for rotating engine blocks, silver go-go boots and air guitar?"
i don't see those questions as being mutually exclusive...

Jeff T

Get the MP3 at http://music.pleasantpoint.org.ua/vinyls/VITALIC%20-%20My%20Friend%20Dario%20EP/

Jeff T

YOU WANT MORE? Looks like you can get the whole album here http://music.pleasantpoint.org.ua/albums/Vitalic%20%2D%20OK%20Cowboy/ The only real question is why. It's at http://music.pleasantpoint.org.ua/ which seems to post full albums of electro crap. Check it.


orig. link doesn't link
here's an edited qtmov


sorry bout the double post (wanst me fault)
here's a crappy rp clip of the whole song


http://music.pleasantpoint.org.ua was suspended.
[details here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/elektrowave/43648.html ]
our new address is http://mymp3.elektrowave.org
update your bookmarks and tell all your friends !

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