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April 30, 2005


Zach in Philly

You light up my dim view of the future like a candle (which I still use over conventional lighting, by preference, even to work at the *geesh* computer). Not a technophobe, myself -- more of a technogrinch or (since that role has forever been tainted) a technocurmudgeon (though the term lacks that certain linguistic liquidity).
+ cell phone: not no but heck no (but probably not forever)
+ iPod: when pigs fly
+ HDTV: now, here's where I find favor with broadband (not to mention the fact that it's my main line to WFMU). Why don't they come-up Interesting Programming Television (IPTV)? The "IP" is much more attractive sounding than the "HD" prefix which makes it sound like there's an SUV prerequisite for "getting" the boob tube job. And as for definition, my rabbit ears are clear as Webster on the fact that there's precious little worth actually seeing on TV in the first place. Finally, the reality of IPTV will come into fruition like so many weeds around the "HD" Chevy on blocks in the front yard as the increasingly popular news feeds and movies, via the internet, bring the whole line of Swanson favorites in tow.


Your friendly neighborhood KenzoDB developer:
- Cell phone: HELL NO.
- iPod: NEVER.
- Power tools for lawn mowing? NO WAY.
- Computer: Went years without one (there are so many spare computers in the world - does everyone really need to own their own? Again and again every 3 years? ABSURD).
- Podcasting my own radio program: I sheepishly do so and it embarasses me to use the word "Podcasting" - I was already making my MP3's available for downloading.
I move for a new term: PLoDCASTING. (PLoD = Portable Listening Device) OK, I don't really know what to do with that o.

- Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza

Jeff T

Go here for some HD images.

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