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April 10, 2005


Rob S.

This is great. I still have this tape around here somewhere. I never realized that the girl from The Monkey Song and the girl from Wings were one and the same!!!


Now won't someone please post the SHEMP MEDITATION TAPE!?!


I'm missing the "Quincy M.E." excerpts from the Punk Rock episode... I'm going to have to track down my copy of this tape...

.. and if I can find the Shemp tape, I'll rip it and post.

Dave the Spazz

The Shemp Meditation Tape is available here:

for five bucks. And all five bucks go to support FMU. Thanks!


Anychance we can get a torrent of this?


Khedira/H.B.R.C. : Appel aux scientifiques pour lutter contre un système d'espionnage
permettant de contrôler à distance un être humain (H.B.R.C.)

Hammamet (Tunisie), 19 avril 2005


Je lance un appel aux scientifiques (chercheurs, médecins, ingénieurs, ...) pour participer à la lutte contre un très sophistiqué système d'espionnage, le système H.B.R.C. (Human Being Remote Control = Contrôle à distance de l'être humain), permettant donc de réellement contrôler à distance un être humain, dont disposent des dangereux extrémistes, et par lequel ils contrôlent ni plus ni moins des présidents de république, des ministres, etc.. Pour toute information, ce système d'espionnage, s'inscrivant dans la catégorie des équipements de type "mind control", semble se reposer en partie sur une sorte de bien sophistiquée hypnose, pratiquée directement au niveau de la matière du cerveau (sans passage à travers les perceptions et les sens humains), et actionable à distance via des ondes à travers des moyens techniques très avancés. De même, en plus des fonctionalités d'altération de la conscience et de la santé d'une façon générale, il permet aussi la lecture de la pensée d'un être humain.

Ces faits sont tirés de ma vraie vie et de mon vécu, celle d'un ingénieur dont l'affaire secoue l'univers masqué entre autres de la France, ce n'est point de la science fiction, et n'attendez point qu'on vous confirme mes véridiques révélations à propos de ce très sophistiqué système d'espionnage..

Pour de nombreuses raisons, que vous pouvez les connaître ultérieurement, des informations relatives à ce sophistiqué système d'espionnage sont progressivement publiés au niveau de l'adresse suivante : .

On a besoin de votre aide et contribution pour tenter de mettre en échec ce très sophistiqué système d'espionnage se trouvant actuellement entre des mains très criminelles, qui agissent , parfois avec tant de culot, au moins au niveau de la France, le Canada, le Moyen-Orient, le Maghreb, ...

Vous pouvez contribuez vous-même à travers des interrogations, des commentaires, des essais, des explications, des suppositions, au niveau du forum : .

Ingénieur en télécommunication,
né le 15 février 1961 à Hammamet (Tunisie),
diplômé en 1986 de l'Institut National des Télécommunications (Grande Ecole française).

escola satanica

Re: mind control recordings and agitprop, I noticed quite a few MP3s on the site.....

Nicolas Caesar

Brilliant! Thank you so much for collecting these!

Uri Geller

Excellent, Kenneth, excellent. You've done well. And I thank you.

abrham velasquez aquije


Commodore Vic

I just Googled "Forrest McCullough" and this site came up. I included him in my podcast/radio show only to find that you have done a much more thorough job. Oh well. Great minds, etc.

Take Care,





A translation (courtesy of AltaVista & Babelfish) of the French post above:


Khedira/H.B.R.C. : Call with the scientists to fight against a system of espionage allowing to control a human being remotely. (H.B.R.C.)

Hammamet (Tunisia), 19 avril 2005


I launch a call with the scientists (enquiring, doctors, engineers...) to take part in the fight against one very sophisticated system of espionage, system H.B.R.C. (Human Being Remote Control = remote Control human being), thus allowing really to control a human being remotely, available to dangerous extremists, and by which they control neither more nor less presidents of republic, ministers, etc. For any information, this system of espionage, falling under the category of the equipment of the type "mind control", seems to rest partly on a kind of sophisticated well hypnosis, practised directly on the level of the matter of the brain (without passage through perceptions and the directions human), and actionable remotely via waves through average techniques very advanced. In the same way, in more of the functionalities of deterioration of the conscience and health generally, it allows also the reading of the thought of a human being.

These facts are drawn from my true life and of my lived, that of an engineer whose business shakes the universe masked inter alia France, it is not science fiction, and do not wait until one assure you my veracious revelations in connection with this very sophisticated system of espionage.

For many reasons, which you can know them later on, information relative to this sophisticated system of espionage is gradually published on the level of the following address: .

There is need for your assistance and contribution to try to put in failure this very sophisticated system of espionage currently being between very criminal hands, which act, sometimes with such an amount of base, at least on the level of France, Canada, the Middle East, the Maghreb...

You can contribute yourself through interrogations, comments, tests, explanations, assumptions, on the level of the forum: .

Engineer in telecommunication, born on February 15, 1961 in Hammamet (Tunisia), graduate in 1986 of the National Institute of Telecommunications (Large French School).

Von Kidd

Hi, all!

I have some interesting info on "mind control" harassment by neighborhood activists posted on the archives of a mailing list. To find it Google: "Von Kidd" + "mind control". In the results the one at is highly edited. The one at Topica is posted in its entirety.
I wrote this in 2001. The comment about how the perps hide their signal is incorrect. Not all the links work anymore. Use the link's topic as a search term. All the info from the links and more -including reliable, verifiable documentation from the media- is at: WantToKnow.Info. On their topic bar click on mind control.

In Freedom and Liberty,

Von Kidd


glad you guys were able to find this (as usual). also saw the Jim Jones LP you posted which follows the same theme. definitely good timing.


Omg this is crazy

Pinball King

I guess you don't consider satanism to be mind control.

Blue Sky Victim

Accusation-I am the Blue Sky Victim. The Television and Radio industries, hereinafter MEDIA, have expanded on the work of Dr. Jose Delgado and Dr. Fry.
1. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA’s ability to capture human thought, modulate it in with the MEDIA’s outgoing carrier so that those thoughts can be heard in the head of any person the outgoing carrier passes through; hereinafter TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA.
2. The MEDIA has also demonstrated the ability to make static/feedback heard in the same manner as TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA; hereinafter STATICHEADPHENOMENA. Multiple counties can be subjected to STATICHEADPHENOMENA. The only apparent reason for the STATICHEADPHENOMENA I observed in the Los Angeles/Orange county area was to coerce the population into acting in a particular manner.
3. I have seen firsthand demonstrations of the MEDIA’s ability to make entire videos appear as dreams during sleep; Hereinafter DREAMHEADPHENOMENA.
4. I have seen varied other radio/electromagnetic Phenomena; The government unofficially acknowledged the activity then failed to action under FCC or any pertinent Bureau or statute.
Proposed Solution-Specific legislative Act outlawing any Electromagnetic Wave that is detectible at the human anatomy or human thought process. Specific priority inclusive of that Act so this matter does not get shuffled under some other agenda.
What I Want From The Readers Of This Site-Post other Jurisdictions where the activities described as is TALKINGHEADPHENOMENA, STATICHEADPHENOMENA, DREAMHEADPHENOMENA is occurring. Post your legislative thoughts in this matter. Propose legislation that encompasses the problem without passing into unrelated areas concerning statements made, political influence and religious influence etc. etc. [email protected]

mr. mike

Chunks of "March of the Psychlos" sound like they were ripped off from the soundtrack of David Lynch's "Dune", especially the "Main Theme" and climactic war theme near the end of the movie. All of this is pretty fitting seeing as how Scientology is an amalgamation of Gnostic ideas, abreactive therapy (an early, abandoned Freudian method), Crowleyan black magick, and L. Ron's own brand of bushwa. By the way, Hubbard was never in the CIA; he was in Naval Intelligence during WWII, after losing command of a patrol boat for attacking a Mexican island and fighting a phantom submarine.

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