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April 04, 2005


Zach in Philly

Yeah, flood warnings seem to somehow miss the public sweet spot.
The "unknown event," per the historic events of this inter-Easter-Passover weekend, could have been the calling of the 144,000. Perhaps it was a message for those with a "need to know." When on earth was that announcement? I listened to the whole show minus a nature call or two ... figures the big moment would come when I was in the can.
As for myself, I always thought that version of "Five Feet High and Rising" was in Spanish. Shows what I know, but I was singin' it this morning as I rode along side of the flooded Schuylkill.

Jacob Haller

The announcement occurs around the 2:40:11 mark in the April 3 show, if anyone wants to hear it.

lefty von righty

From MSNBC - "Pope John Paul II has died. The news was conveyed in an e-mail to the world's media by papal spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls. The message was simple, "The Holy Father died this evening at 9:37 p.m. (2:37 p.m. EST) in his private apartment."

I think the civil authority was G-d. He had something to tell Jonesy.

the Other Guy

I got one of those in Scranton this weekend. Apparently, ours was due to an earlier immediate evacuation warning for two small parts of the city being misinterpreted as an evacuation of the entire county (which is how it appeared on the slip, and probably most TV stations), causing a widespread panic. All in all, it was a fun weekend for radio.

Chris J

> figures the big moment would come when I was in the can.

Zach, if you had dawdled there, you might've found out about the rising waters soon enough!


Does the station have to broadcast a "virtual emergency alert" about this week's outbreak of pneumonic plague in New Jersey and Connecticut?


No, just virtual evacuations of the state.

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