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April 04, 2005


Ed Word

So life like, they even gave her two voices that are out of sync, just like a real stoned teenage girl!


Wow! Watching Eva function is unsettling in a classic sci-fi way...
it evokes the same sort of feelings I've felt when I've stumbled upon
one of those facial cosmetic surgery shows on cable....
Somewhere around a decade ago, NASA evidently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, working with Indiana University's psychology department to determine if RATS LICK THEIR NIPPLES IN SPACE. Very expensive special rat cages were built so the rats could travel safely on the space shuttle. This experiment was conducted to determine if mammalian behavior is instinctual in zero gravity......

Rob S.

She's hot. Is talking all she does?
The part where they rip her scalp off is particularly scary.

Brian Turner

Shame Gina Gershon couldn't get that band thing happening.


They should be careful... This is probably how the Cylons got started...


"You so stupid!"
I just ordered my robotic baby harp seal.

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