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May 06, 2005



ah...thank you! I have been waiting for this album to download off soulseek for a week now.

and thanks for the aktion films. yr great mr. Kenny G.


Heared 'Little Children part 2' on Scott William two weeks ago. Thought it was a homerecording, but no! Thanks for sharing this, Kenny G!

Ed Word

How long ago did you promise to get this to us kenny?

Thank you very much sir.

Kenny G

Yeah, there's no date on the record. On the air I had said that I thought it was from the 70s but something about the title "Rapping" then made me think it was more early 80s. Dunno... when this was recorded is really anybody's guess. BTW, I left off about 3 shitty tracks on the record, which are horrid instrumentals sans Angela.


I contacted the person who turned me on to Angela Simpson last year and he tells me the record came out in 1972. I guess the term "rapping" goes back a few years! He recently was able to contact Angela, who now is a mom still living in Harlem. Fortunately she's not seeking a record deal.

Kenny G


Thanks so much for this info!!!!! Maybe Brian Turner can coax her out onto the FMU airwaves!!!


tom l.

This stuff is great. In the late '60s & '70s "rapping" just meant two or more people
talking to each other, usually but not necessarily about serious or "heavy" stuff.
Also: rap session, let's rap, etc.

hyena sparerib

I guess I may just be too far gone, and I've only listened to "Lenox Ave," but I don't think I'd consider this good-awful. It's really pretty cool. I mean that ending "You thought I was goin ta say it, but remeber, I'm just a little girl from Harlem - more power to the people"

C'mon, that's the stuff right there!

Station Manager Ken

I'm with Hyena Sparebib (although I never thought I would say that). I genuinely like Angela. Leave it to Kenny G to insult a talented six year girl.


I got an excerpt from "Good Morning Daddy" at, and I've always been taken by what I had heard. Thanks for posting more from it. I have to admit I lean more towards Hyena and Ken though.


If you seriously find Lenox Ave "unlistenable", you don't need me to tell you you're cracked.


This is GOLDEN!!!!! I bet she could of beat anybody in a freestyle battle back in the day....


six yrs old in seventytwo holy cow the scene is like her the last poets and the sugar hill gang watching the cosby kids

lenox ave ftw


thanks for letting a child speaks through their mind on what they see,think and grow. thank god for a child who uses langston hughes to tell people that god's life has a true meaning to all sanits ans sinners alike. for her braise knoeledge of turning mr. hughes' classic into a haullgentic vibes of thrashing intergalatical wah-wahs, and four score druming,boy, i wish this sister would think of filthy mouth females like lil' kim and foxxy brown,and trina,with her disgusting self. when i hear lenox ave, i fainted and said,'lord, here's a prodigy you must rember for the rest of your days-or maybe years.' anglea is a rare beauty and a real master at work.


thank god for a sistah like angela simpson and other six yearsolds are doing something for a change-just to make a peaceful world for 'a child shouldstay in a child's place. this is what i'm saying; more power to angela.


little children get yourself together-stop disrepect the one who gave birth to you. love remains forever. just as chirst nailed to a cross. thanks angela.


say your thang,chilllllllllllle!


Hi.. I came a by this website because of searching for info on Angela Simpson. I picked up her original lp at a yard sale.. thought it may be intresting to listen to. Then I relized, it is still sealed in the shrinkwrap. I was wondering if I should open it or not? If it has a real value to it, wouldn't I be better off to keep it sealed? Thanks!


In light of "Whip My Hair," I think we need to recast how important and amazing Miss Angela Simpson's work truly is.


Angela Simpson was a child prodigy. The "Angela" album was released 1972 and contained a total of 9 tracks. It is important to note the term "rapping" was coined later in the 1980's but in fact many other famous soul artists had been "rapping" a long time before that new genre emerged and became commercialized. Case in point, Gill Scott Heron, James Brown, Muddy Waters, just to name a few. Angela serves to remind us that children are our future. We love you Angela Simpson!


Please upload the other songs no matter how "bad" you think it is!

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