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May 12, 2005



A caller to a recent show of mine weighed in at length on chemtrails and other similarly compelling subjects. He's also apparently been abducted by aliens.

He's the second caller, about 5.5 minutes into the MP3 of this show: A Sense of Recognition (4/12/05)

There were a LOT of callers into this show, which managed to stray into biblical talk later on. Ah, the joys of Texas. Full sample listing is here.

- Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza


Whoops, the alien-abduction tin-foil-hat wearing recombinant DNA guy doesn't actually mention chemtrails until he calls back at around the 33.5 minute mark, well into the Jesus Christ fest already underway.

- Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza

Intern Patrick

Kenzo, I was just about to post that correction. Ah, well, if listeners choose to listen through to the 33 1/2 minute they will learn what the answer is. Shocking! Fun stuff.

Living in the Seattle area where it is often overcast I just can't tell if there are any planes criss-crossing chemtrails above me most of the year. I'll have to wait until July to look for this. Single propeller planes do fly about regularly. I haven't decided if they are targeting me or providing traffic coverage for the freeway that is next door.


Planes fly back and forth and in grids for aerial photography and probably communications, like those big military planes built around a big circular antenae. Maybe They multitask mind control/ survalence / weather alteration.

Emma Mckenzie

My 6 year old has been bugging me every time he sees a plane in the sky.... Mum what's that smoke???
After seeing your site I can now finally answer him!

Many Thanks

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