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May 10, 2005


Jeff T

It can be seen towards the end of this video from CBS

Jeff T

Better URL

Station Manager Ken

Thanks Jeff - youda man. The dance is VERY brief. Dubya does indeed wiggle his hips as the Washington Post reported. He performs an abbreviated version of the chicken dance combined with a drunken fraternity conga line. Dubya showed good political instincts by cutting his chicken dance short. Either that, or Karl Rove applied a small electrical shock to cut it off at the pass.

Jeff T

EVEN BETTER. I edited out everything but the jig.
Feel free to delete those earlier URLs.

Station Manager Ken

Thanks Jeff! Name your CDs! (e-mail me off blog). george starts off with a kind of a square dance - chicken dance kind of a move, and then lets his arms and hands go free, and he does a kind of modified conga-dance / line dance move. He moves a whole lot better than when he danced with Ricky Martin in January of 2001. In fact, he moved so well in Teblisi that methinks he must have tasted a bit of the finest Georgian vodka while enraging his pal Vlad the Imputiner.


tell me bush isn't a repressed homo and i'll tell you you're wrong! it takes one to know one...a homo that is!

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