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May 20, 2005



we want more!

this band is fantastic


There's a fair bit about this band available online in Japanese. English-readable member information here:

And info on the Hosono connection here:

(my translation): [stuff about the formation and Shi-Shonen, the release of their first album and the adding of Fukuhara Mari on keyboards, then-]

"at around this time, the mostly live unit Real Fish was formed, consisting of Shi-Shonen plus Yaguchi Hiroyasu. ... in 1984 a fateful meeting with Hosono Haruomi saw them join his label, Non-Standard."

(although, only Shi-Shonen actually released albums on Non-Standard, it seems. Real Fish were on Suizokukan)

Gil Roitto

Absolutely genious! This is the most fantastic music I've discovered in a long long time.


This (culled from the last Real Fish album I believe?) was a single which apparently got to #79 in the Japanese charts. It is, suffice to say, NOTHING like the material presented here, but very cool nonetheless. It reminds me particularly of Pump Up The Volume (especially when you remember that MARRS were also derived from arty post-punk coalitions). It features Keisuke Kawata, the singer of Southern All Stars, and Seiko Ito, who appears to be some kind of 80s oddball Japanese rapper (I can see why they got him involved!):

Wasn't aware of the Hosono connection. Thanks! I'll have to check out Julverne as well.

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