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May 22, 2005



first of all, peter tork was my favorite monkee.
he has an understated charm, and he is unassumingly sexy in a waspy sorta stringy haired/john denver-esque wholesome way. i guess i dig him coz i am always on the side of the underdog,(almost pathologically). he does posess a rather stan laurel, semi-retarded manchild quality, and that is always hot.
bob tyrell is a frikken genius.
do you know of any websites that offer non latex alternatives for zombie makeup? i want to look like my face is decomposing, without it actually decomposing---


I can't believe Sean Kenny showed up outta the grave of TV history! I love that guy. I was weaned on Star Trek in my youth and the pilot with Capt. Pike is forever etched into my brain. Damn, he does look good.


Hiiya, I Just Luv Wat Yoo Did With Tha Make up, I'd Luv to Luk Like That, It's Wicked Darling, Hehe, Wb, Lv Ya All Sweethearts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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