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May 26, 2005


Krys O.

Thank you for posting that picture of Tom Baker, the Best Dr. Who (TV version)!

Kevin Gilmartin

My mother will be very happy about the new Dr. Who episodes.

New episodes means new VHS tapes she can buy to add to her enormous Dr. Who collection!

I really liked this show in elementary school. I could literally talk about it for hours, and did on at least one occasion with someone who could not possibly have been as interested as I was. That poor girl. As for the best Doctor, that's a hard decision, because they were all great, but the sixth was definately the worst.


I saw some pics of the new Dr. Who installment and...


(but at least he has goony interesting looks like most previous doctors)

Tom Baker is a god. And his assistant (and one time wife) Lalla Ward as Romana 2 is a goddess:

Lalla Ward Image archive (ignore bad 80's pic on top):


If you haven't seen an episode yet...The new doctor is GREAT. Even dressed down in smuck leather. He IS the doctor. Just wait and see!

Ferienhaus mieten

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The 10th Dr trounces the lot of them, even Tom Baker (from my era). He has style, a wicked sense of humour and is exceedingly snoggable, Tom wasn't unfortunately I think it was the scarf lol. Just my thoughts and you have to admit it's great to see him regenerating once more.

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