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May 20, 2005


Bas van Dam

Ha, haaa! Yes! Some Dutch folklore! I can tell you as a dutchman that they aren't that bad; it's just that they're always in busy shopping areas and it is also that the owners are begging furiously for money that bothers people.
Nowadays the organs are powered by electric motors, but until few years ago the high pitched whining 4-stroke engine pouring out blue clouds of exhaust was the preferred choise to power them. One could barely hear any music and it made passing them like a trip through hell! I once heared a rendition of 'House of the Rising Sun' under these conditions; i'd stopped me dead in my track. Something so surreal should be experienced fully, i think!)


haa ha ha very good


I LOVE the sound of these things! Especially the first tune, the Amsterdam one. It's got this gorgeous second theme, sad and beautiful. Love it, wish I had a whole CD of it.

Once, about 20 years ago, I lived up the street from and antiques store (here in Frederick, Maryland). As a promotion, they acquired one of these organs for a few weeks and had it playing outside their shop. I heard the same tunes many times over, and one of them really haunted me. I've been wishing that I had recorded it, but I don't think I did. The first songposted here reminds me of it. I used to sit on the windowsill of my second-floor apartment and listen. Lovely.


do you know there are huge ones for Ballroomdancing along the Coast , they even think one of them was on board of the Titanic , so the organ kept playing, not the orchestra as in the movie...


I love fair organs. I am forunate to own a 1920s Voigt, which we play often for the pleasure (or distress) of others and ourselves. There does not seem to be a lot of history known of the Voigt. If anyone can enlighten me, I would be very pleased.

Imke van der Mei

Where can I get a CD Of that beautiful organ "De Arabier" or "The Five Beelden" such unique instruments

Jim van der Mei living in Aus

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