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May 12, 2005



IS she the new Francis E. Dec?
What a couple they'd make!


Even the counter has it out for her.

Krys O.

My eyes hurt from the small fonts! Aiee!


Her camera has it in for her too...


I think this is a hoax--albeit a hilariously in-depth one. If you root around the domain, you'll find tons of joke pages.

B. Roche

Looks like a textbook delusional.
But the posting could be a hoax, or someone else's idea of fun.


I can assure you that there is nothing hoax about Elizabeth Winslow's site, which was removed by her a couple of years ago. With enough digging, you can find her mentioned in articles in old issues of the New York Times, and news papers in Washington, DC.. several of these correspond with things she mentions in her resume.


This is the lowdown on Elizabeth Winslow from one who has met her. She is a homeless,menacing paranoid schizophrenic who terrorized staff and users of the New York Public Library for years. New York is full of lunatics but she is one of the scariest. It's hard to believe that she ever was mentioned in The Times or any Washington, D.C., newspaper unless in conection with a roundup of crazies.


yes, the article in the Washington DC newspaper was regarding homeless shelters, and she was one that was interviewed. As for the Times, I found a few articles.. mostly mentions of the debutante balls that her mother did work with.. and also when she reported that some businessman had stolen her jewelry while she shared a hotel room with him.

It's certainly not a hoax though, this resume was not just somebody making stuff up as a joke. The person who wrote that resume, Elizabeth Winslow believes everything that she wrote, and has for a very long time.

That is. my opinion.


i was her roomate for a brief period in the early 80's. she is crazier than her website shows. i am surprised she has survived this long and is not locked up somewhere. if you want to dig into her "interesting" past, look into her fathers death (he was living with her when he died, suspiously according to neighbors) and if anyone can find her mother i would be interested in finding out what happened to her...liz was the last person that i know of that ever saw her.


I was pretty sure he died in Virginia when she was living in Washington, and she got a ride from her relatives that had the Christian Science connections? I'm a little fuzzy now, cuz it's been a while since I did my digging.

As for her mother, her mother died in a nursing home.. she was force-fed to the point of asphyxiation (sp?) That came from some stuff I came across regarding the legal investigation of the nursing home and the employee responsible.

Mike Justice

Oh my GOD! IT all makes SENSE! The 'roommate,' the person who claims to know her from the library. These are the malicious, crooked people who have been terrorizing Liz! She wasn't crazy after all! AHH!!

Mike Justice

Once again, OH MY GOD! One of the expensive, super-exclusive high schools that Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow lists on her resume is having a 50 year reunion for the Class of '59 and she's LISTED as a 'missing alumni!' On her site she goes ON and ON about how she needs people to corroborate who she is because people have been persecuting her and thwarting her attempts to communicate for 45 years. Surely she could find someone at the reunion to vouch for her.

Mike Justice

I officially caught the Elizabeth Brady Cabot Winslow bug years ago when I came across her manifestoon a dark December night while high on liquid vicodin and recovering from a tonsillectomy. Maybe it was the raging ice storm outside or the drugs, but something clicked and I immediately became fascinated. Was it a hoax? Who was this insane person? Her site very clearly details her decent into madness -- and while she's obviously completely bonkers, certain details in her 'resume' DO check out. On a lark, I looked her up again and found myself newly fascinated by reports from people who met her in libraries and her former roommate. I'm currently compiling research for a documentary about her (I guess she was right - people ARE 'stalking' her) and I'd be most interested in corresponding with the chap who did some digging into the newspaper articles as well as her former roommate and anyone who has met her or has a story about her. You'll get full credit, of course. I won't do you like they did Elizabeth : )



It would make sense that she had connections with Hollywood elites and other political elites. Her mother must have been a sister to Georgianna (Ferguson) Knappen. Georgianna, as Liz points out, was married to Ted Knappen. She married him after his wife, Hollywood & stage actress Betty Compton, died. Ted remained friends with Betty's ex-husband, former NYC Mayor James ("Jimmy") Walker. Ted was also a West Point graduate and served in the Army Corps of Engineers. He also worked on high-profile engineering projects for the government and then founded his own engineering consultant firm and continued his work. Despite some threads of fact in her manifesto, it clearly represents the delussional thought process of a schizophrenic, with delussions of grandeur and paranoia. It also displays other psychotic features such as persistant feelings of being watched, tangential thought process, loose association of ideas, and thought projection.

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