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May 01, 2005



lol reminds me of that scene in slacker by linklater where the drummer for the butthole surfers says, "It's a Madonna pap smear. I know it's kinda cloudy, but it's a Madonna pap smear, you think you would be interesting in buying it, its getting closer to the rock goddess herself than just a poster." lol

Ed Word

Crispin Glovers skin, bacteria and fecal matter is all over Wfmu! Be sure to collect some samples when deerhoof come around, time to cash in! No need for marathons any more!

I wonder why Robin Williams and Burt Reynolds Fecal matter is the same price, but Williams skin cells are $1 more than Reynolds?

Jeff T

You can buy Michael Stipe fecal matter at any record store, what's the big deal?

Rob S.

"And why is Sammy Hagar's bacteria worth less than David Lee Roths?"

Supply and demand. Everybody's got some of Sammy's bacteria.


Perhaps price variability depends on the (potentially reconstitutable?) quality of the drugs in the excrement samples. Heroin, steroids, Cabo Wabo... what a roster!


Didn't u mean, get your skin just like your celeberity?

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