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May 27, 2005


Bat Guano

Euro-Mullet Alert, Code Red!


umm... any chance there's a video for Arabesque's "Hello, Mr. Monkey" floating around the web?

listener jon

Thanks for posting Ken. I'm still wondering where my Tra La La is located and how i can get other people to touch it.


Oh no.... When they finally have stopped playing that on swedish radio it shows up _here_ of all places.


If you want more Günther look at here :

Günther Branlutte

Analysis of Günther's style, lyrics and videos to download, all at this adress:


Does anyone know where I can get some more videos or pictures of The Sunshine Girls? They are mad hot! Thanks!


i love tra la la so much

Alberto Beltre- Camden High Teacher

I love this so much i watch it everyday with my family, in the shower, at work, even in my car. I can't get enough of it. I wish I could smell the socks of the Sunshine girls

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