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May 22, 2005



sweetheart, your writing's come a light year, you know. maybe you're happier or something, but the deep dish on whatever sintilating topic or cultural artifact you pick is the perfect compliment/antidote to that conceptual air hockey game of a cam you used to make us slave through. stop not.


marco kjoot

Tonight I was home alone and really naughty. I dressed up in a short women's pleated netball skirt; white school type shirt; a tie with a school tie look to it; and a Queen's Scout Beret.
I had earlier procured 2kg of Natural Yogurt (kept in fridge so thick not runny). I put a long mirror in the bathroom so that I could watch my own little display.
With a plastic plate I then proceeded to gunge myself with the yogurt. First one in the face; then one on the tie smearing it all over and then one on the front of the skirt again smearing in; one then on the back of the skirt smearing in again; finally smothering the beret.
Dripping form head to toe in yogurt with my makeshift uniform saturated, I was getting more turned on the more I carried on. By the time the 2kg of Yogurt was used I was ready to explode and so did. The best of it was I watched it all in the mirror as I did it. Also natural yogurt makes no mess in the shower another bonus.
Try it, it's such a turn on. If you can get somebody to do it with you then even better.

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