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May 10, 2005


A Chair

The bubble blower one is the best, in my opinion. Don't fuck me and my bubble blower!


I have this record and I think it spans a lot--good indictments (sp) of church/corperation--bubble blower would be the single for this record while racism would be talked about most while the compassion for the natural inhabitants of this earth would easily be glossed over--people laugh at the wrong parts.

Tom Moody

Hi, Kenny G,
I haven't listened to all these yet, just wanted to add (maybe this was on ubu, if so sorry):

Roche was part of a group of Dallas artists called the "Oak Cliff Four," which also included Bob Wade. Wade had a NY connection, too--he did the iguana on top of the Lone Star Cafe (now a deli at 5th and 13th), among other projects. Roche now lives in Florida, I believe.

"Learning to Count" is also heard in the film Slacker--the scene where the guy is driving around town ranting about "motherf*ing guns, motherf*ing knives" through a speaker on top of his car.

That's my trivia dump--have a nice day!


Jimmy was one of my profs last year at Florida State- without a doubt one of the most original and interesting individuals I have ever met. He had an firey reputation at FSU. I learned a great deal from him even tho I just had one semester with him. You will also see him playing little parts in Jonathan Demme movies.


Jimmy was one of my professors as well, and he's anything but a bigot. These recordings were made in a time and place when people he knew, loved, hated, respected or feared were saying things like this all around him. He's mentioned Joseph Boyce whose participation in the Nazi war machine drove him to attempt to expunge his guilt by making propitiation through art. Jimmy's doing the same kind of thing here. As a white southerner, you often find yourself in the company of friends, relatives, co-workers, acquaintances and the like who start spouting this offal. If you're an empathetic or sensitive person--and Jimmy is both--it's hard to resolve your love for your company with the evil in their hearts. You have to deal with it somehow.

Jimmy isn't buying into the racist/bigoted party line. Rather, he's expunging, exorcising, de-tooth-ifying (did I mention he was one of my professors?) the wretched beast that lives right alongside Jesus and Mama in so many southern hearts.

You may not like his approach, but don't mistake your distaste for his expression for a true reckoning of his heart. To put it succinctly, these are ironic pieces. They aren't a window to Jimmy's heart. They are a reflection of his world, not a snapshot of his world-view.

Except the thing about the bubble blower. Belgian bubble blowers are the bomb, muthafugga, and don't forgit it!



"ten million flies can't be wrong..."

my favourite (surprisingly) is also the "bubbleblower".
followed by "mama bear", "whatcha doin down there boy?",
"swoops down outta the skies", "cadillac", "store up your treasures in heaven".
what keeps constantly fascinating me is the "flow" of words and therefore the ecstatic effect of phonetics this has on me (which reminds me somehow of a baptist preacher).
but apart from that, there is a strange sort of humor making me laugh heavily here and there.

since i am not an american i seem to have accidentally mistaken roche's accent as african american, but as far i can get info on the ethnic background, he seems to be what you would call a "redneck".
Am i getting that right?


just stumbled upon this document:

Jim Roche

I wish some of your listeners would take a look at some of my video performance work done during the 80's and 90's. Thank you for this forum and if this early raw work is of any interest, you will most likely enjoy the video works. Some were posted on U-Tube, but I don't know who put them there. Check out "High Octane Generation," "Flu Mask," and "Sniffer Gets A Job." TIA Jim Roche in Tallahassee


"while the compassion for the natural inhabitants of this earth would easily be glossed over".
Yes, when I heard this material 6 or 7 years ago, that was the one track that convinced me that the whole collection is satire - a redneck with these beliefs would be out with a gun killing anything he could find in the woods.

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