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May 28, 2005



Track 1. Paranoia--Cabaret Intro


2. Before we recognized the Storm.
3. Western Melody.
4. Never Again. (Fuzzed out Deutschland Ueberalles).
5. I don't want to, Pappa.
6. Cut that shit out.
7. Mein Herr (I don't ask questions).
8. Selling myself.
9. You're not the only one.
10. Phased Out.
11. Fuzzmarch.
12. Death on the Assembly Line.
13. Illusion.
14. True Story.
15. Those were some days.
16. It's called love.
17. Fucking again and again.
18. No more kings.
19. I love you.

Jeff T

Thanks Jaylefus!


Most of the time I don't really understand what they're singing, because it isn't to clear and my German is a bit crappy. Anyway, if you like this, check the amazing Die Tödliche Doris, who put all of their songs on the internet:


No 17 is called "Immer wieder ficken" (Fucking Again & Again) and was originally released by the gay theatre group "Brühwarm" (literally "warm like stock", also meaning something like "hot from the press"), together with T.S.S., on an album called "Mannstoll" (Man-mad) The complete lyrics can be found here:

HTH (Keep up the good work!),


Tracks 1 to 13 seem to be from the recordings of the "paranoia"-show, the rest of the songs don't... Track 19 is from the first record of "trio" (1980). It's called "Sabine" or similar.
Track 15 seems to be "shit-hit" from the "Brühwarm -Entartet- 1979" record. The song became better known when played live by TSS in 1984.

The Liberal Avenger

Fascinating. Je dig your music, Station Manager Ken, always... My favorite tune - by far - out of this list is track 14 (3min 27sec) - I don't care for many of the others but track 14 has captivated me with its haunting beauty. I dare say it has made my lifetop top 500 list!

Keep making us smile, Ken!

A friend from Ann Arbor says YO.


Number four: not just in German but in French and English too if you can hear it behind the general racket. "Never again" is an anti-Nazi slogan - you will hear it on demos in England against the fascists of the British National Party or in France (Plus jamais ca) on protests against Le Pen.


Thank You!!!
After nearly 15 years of successless searching for this record here in Germany, I found it today here in this blog...
I found the correct Titles/Artists&Albums for all Tracks except No. 18:
(Tracks 01-14)Kollektiv Rote Rübe & Ton Steine Scherben from the 1976 Album "Paranoia"
01:Entree (3:13)
02+03:Manchmal wenn ich so dasitze (5:35)[sometimes when I sit there]
04:Nie wieder (0:47)[Never Again]/Die Zeiten sie ändern sich (0:43)[The Times are changing]
05:Paranoia (3:43)
06:Taifuns Traum (3:18)[Taifuns Dream]
07+08:Song der Hure Holly (4:11)
09:Das Paradies (1:10)[The Paradise]
10:Song der Emma P. (3:23)[Song of Emma P.]
11:Zeitmaschine (1:34)[timemachine]
12:Eine Tote zuviel (4:33)[One dead woman too much]
13:Horrormäuse (0:51)[horrormice]
14:Miss Lissy Lamour (3:09)
(Tracks 15+16)Brühwarm & Ton Steine Scherben from the 1979 Album "Entartet"(Originally Tracks 09&01)
15:Shit-Hit (7:15)
16:Sie ham mir ein Gefühl geklaut (5:57)[The've stolen one of my feelings]
(Track 17)Brühwarm & Ton Steine Scherben from the 1977 Album "Mannstoll" (Originally Track 02)
17:Immer wieder ficken(4:52)[fucking again and again]

18: unknown

(Track 19)Trio from the 1981 Album "Trio"
19:Sabine, Sabine, Sabine

Robbi Saksementi

.. I found on my old taperecorder 2 ore 3 LP's of Rote Rube. Recorded before 1978. The first one deals with women's lib. The second is the story of the taking of Santiago, Chili and Salvador Allende. Remark the date: 9/11
The last part is story of the battle in the cities of Germany and Italie.
If you are interested? Let me know.


Awesome. I'm from Germany and didn't even know about it. Now I do. By the way, if you want more of this, Mutant Sounds has some more -- just do a search for "scherben".

And by the way, I'm hooked to this blog since I discovered it some weeks ago. Wonderful -- like a playground, 25 years ago.

Walbi Vervier

Dears Sirs or Women, The Kollektiv Rübe (several women and men of Munich, who were at the end of the 1960ies and the early 1970ies my friends) was a special theatre group. If you' re interested to know more about this group, I can you tell a little bit more. Please apologize my bad English!
Walbi Vervier, painter and writer, Muncih/ Bavaria

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