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May 17, 2005



Why yes, yes I have. That's just amazing. I can't wait for the Tagalog cast recording of "Moving Out".

otis fodder

Thanks Kenny! You are obviously 'still' my hero!

Henry Lowengard

And of course, the perfect treat for Syttende Mai, the Norwegian National Day.


This is the best version of Rocky Horror that has ever, ever been made.



This sort of thing is what makes a young well behaved teenager such as me into, dare I say, a sweet transvestite.

Dusty Rancourt

How scary is it that I actually owned this album, on vinyl, in my rabid Rocky Horror days? The moment I saw this post, the words to Science Fiction/Dobbelforestilling returned to mind.

...I have no idea what they *mean*, mind you, but I remembered them phonetically, in crystal clarity, fifteen years after my rabid, ill-advised college days.

I can't remember my best friend's birthday, but I can remember obscure burlesque musical numbers in Nynorsk after fifteen years.

What a world. What a world...

TJ Hooker

Damn! Where's the Norsk version of "Shock Treatment"!


This to me is like Turkish-Delight, only better!

bobby bunny

the operatic german cast recording featuring Decoven C Washington, (the bald black frank n furter in a polka dot dress) with a cast of 200 woudlve been a real find, but having the norsk version for the first time on something other than a 15th generation cassette tape is very very welcome.

How about the icelandic version of Little Shop of Horrors? I saw that in a record store many years ago and yet did not buy it.


omg, amazing! this takes the rocky horror picture show to a whole new level of joy! thank you so much for sharing this delight!
I don't suppose anyone has/knows where one might find the lyrics?


Check out for many rare Rocky-recordings - you´ll find the german cast there as well...lyrics too!
Keep the cult alive!


I've been looking all over the internet for this. THANK YOU!!!

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