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May 04, 2005


Jeff T

Dave Letterman's show just showed an unplanned close-up of armadillo sex which included a very visible and remarkably maneuverable armadillo penis.

Chris J

Aha -- the EQUINE LOOPHOLE! Now when on-air FMU deejays want to talk about sex, all they have to do is couch it in horsie terms.


Time for a tangent:

Yesterday, because of a tooth ache, I was looking for a dentist in the yellow pages. I'm almost desparate, just looking for someone in my town. Making random choices like this, I usually go with someone whose name seems least unusual (anyone else use this nutty strategy?) I came across a Dr. Hoffer. First name: Jack. I thought "Never heard of the name 'Hoffer' before," and so I was going to reject him. then I realized the guy's name was Jack Hoffer, so I had to give him a call. (Like Smuckers, with a name like that, he's got to be good, right?) Turns out he only does root canals, so I was out of luck. But he did refer me to another dentist.

True story. Maybe not as funny as I think. But check it out, he's in the book. Montclair, NJ.

David R

I sent a complaint email to the FCC concerning Laura Bush's vulgar joke. Fine her ass!!

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