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May 17, 2005



And what of the obvious influence of Cookie Monster on Buju Banton and other similarly gruff Jamaican DJ's???

Irreverend Mike

Or the obvious: Tom Waits.

joey Headset

Let's not forget his classic hip hop single, "Crookie Monster"... produced by Agallah.

Kevin Gilmartin

Animal was a MUPPET not a PUPPET!


I guess you don't understand what you call "cookie monster vocals"


Dude, love the Animal/Cookie Monster articles. I love those two characters so much, as far as I'm concerned, both are Most Influential Musicians of All Time. My love is too strong to choose between the two legends, however I've for a long time, tried to find a comparson type article on children's televisions two best creations so I was overjoyed to find this site and your sites are probably the closet to me ever finding something like that, thus you've warmed my heart.

Clayton Counts

John Lennon does a mean Cookie Monster, as well.


Now see, Cookie Monster was a Muppet, but he wasn't "from the Muppets," per se.


Well you know say me think that Cookie Monster look like some Original Bandooloo Rude Bwaai wit that day pistol and him 'tief wit long bag' as Buju Banton him woulda say. But Cookie Monster no want kill Batty Boy, Cookie Monster just want kill COOKIE!!!!

Julie Katz

Cookie Monster is by far the better than Animal. But I must say you are all wrong. Hoots the Owl is by far a better musician and influencing musician than Cookie Monster and Animal Combined. When you type him in google you get 135,000 hits. Granted not as much as lets say Cookie but his saxophone playing has influenced many young musicians to learn to play Alto Saxophone.


"C is for Cookie" anyone?
See also


Cookie Monster also made an important contribution to disco.

Wolfgang Frost

I used to be among the many who ridiculed and dismissed death metal grunts as a joke until I attempted them myself. Even if you don't like them you can't say it doesn't take effort and talent to do them, the breathing excercises and lung capacity to maintain that low tone of voice does take practice.

One thing that I have a problem with is you grouping Cannibal Corpse in with 90's grindcore, Cannibal is Death Metal. For those in the underground there is a world of difference and to mislabel a band could be met with great hostility if you're talking to a particularly adamant fan.

Other than those few points, really amusing article! Keep the Faith!

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