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May 15, 2005


Ron D

I really want this record!

joey Headset

I like the Black Blood version best, but the Bananarama version has a certain charm...


Am I the only one who hears some Black Magic Woman in John Peel's and Black Blood's versions ?


I wanted to know if the 'Japanese' sung is real or not. In any case, 'Yamamoto Kakapote' is definitely fake, as it reads 'Il y a (y'a) ma moto qui a (qu'a) capoté', meaning 'My motorbike went of the road' or 'was in an accident' in French.

Dessers Rik

Just for your information:
I think that yamasuki (the song) was originally a Belgium project made by the producer of Will Tura (a famous flemish singer).

Bald Arab

Thank you Ken - this has been plaguing me for a LONG time. Liked the song when I heard it from Bananarama, but wished that someone with soul could have put it out. Heard the Black Blood version once in Spain, and couldn't find it - infinitely funkier (incidentally, now released in a compilation "African Disco" on the Nascente label). Now I've heard Yamasuki, it has soul too (also now released on CD from Finders Keepers).

Thanks for putting me out of my misery.

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