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May 18, 2005


Jeff T

That's the secound audio program or SAP. Here in Canadaland we get french and stuff on it for the public stations. Most VCRs have it in the audio section of the setup screen. When ABC played Wizard of the Oz a while ago they played that album that goes along with it on SAP. I can think of a million great uses of this sadly underused feature.

Ed Word

I was talking to Ken and Im pretty sure its not the SAP. The SAP for simpsons is a spanish version. I have never heard of this pre-Kens show, but it seems pretty damn cool. I wish I knew how to listen to it.

Jeff T


"WGBH will be providing DVS for FOX, which recently added DVS to five of its most popular series. As of April 1, 2002 the broadcast of the Bernie Mac Show, Boston Public, Malcom in the Middle and The Simpsons are now programmed with DVS.

To activate the service you need to turn on the second audio program (SAP) on your stereo equipped television or VCR."


That's awesome... Reminds me of the old 30s & 40s radio serials -- and it's just as funny that way too!

Joe Clark

It's not "captioning" of any kind, let alone "audio captioning." It's audio description, in this case done by the Descriptive Video ServiceslashMedia Access Group at WGBH. They hire the narrator (DVS mainstay Miles Neff), not Fox.

You are in fact listening to SAP when you watch The Simpsons with description, no matter what "Ken" says (unless he's using Bell ExpressVu in Canada). The only Canadian channels I know of that put French or the other official language on SAP are the Canadian Parliamentary channels, so that other comment is incorrect, too, as is the 2002-vintage Fox described-programs listing. (Isn't The Simpsons the sole described show on Fox now?)

The biggest constraint in writing descriptions is time. There probably just were not any more additional fractions of seconds to add "a joint" or any description of Marge and Homer's movements under the covers.

D Hector

Podcast this stuff, please. someone.


Really. As an experiment I burned the MP3 to a CD and listened to it in the car on the way home. It was maybe 99% of the experience of watching a show (after 350+ episodes, it's pretty easy to picture every scene in your head).


Are the jokes the same? Because I noticed that when I have the closed caption on, sometimes the punchlines to the jokes are different.


The first time I heard DVS was on the DVD version of "The Passion of the Christ".

Anyway, DVS ripped into a podcast would be awsome.

Michael McCarty

If you all really like audio description, help the blind fight for it. We've been trying to get the FCC to mandate that description be in more TV programs, as well as movies in theaters. We could really use the help to keep description alive.

Patrick Haney

People still use VCRs?

I had no idea DVS even existed, though it makes perfect sense. How else would visually challenged people follow television or movies? This definitely brings to light even more accessibility issues in the world.



Just imagining the DVS-track for the "Passion of the Christ" gives me the creeps. :)

Is it on the US-Retail-DVD?


i was just thinking podcast, right before i read it. that would be awesome, i know its kinda weird "exploiting" a service for "handicapped" people, but it woudl still be pretty cool to listen to the simpsons, fully, on the road. someone make a site, please


hi everybody!
i think it is very important for blind people to have this kind of entertaiment.they allso deserve that onacount that they have no access to much entertainment that we have.have you thought of how dull it must be ?
although allot of problems and narrating "mistakes" come with it ... i think it is a step towards future!besides...hearing simpsons while you drive is smashing!you won't get bored wen stuck in trafic jams!




you can download full seasons from,, and The can also watch episodes at And does anyone know of anyone podcast the DVS?


thank u very much, thank u kindly!!
u're a lifesaver!!if u want to send me mail, u're welkome!!
bye bye tweao!


Last night I accidentally came across this very same thing, and I thought everyone had to sit through it! I'm sure it was due to the fact that our cable is off at the moment, but I didn't know that until I reached this page!

For anyone who HASN'T heard it, I can assure you it is NOT FUNNY!!! lol

It was one of the most annoying things I've ever endured, and I thought they did it on purpose!


DVS is a great. My very best friend is blind. We've known about it since the beginning. TCM, (Turner Classic Movies), is one of the first and best to use this format. As a former film student, it was difficult to share my love of films with my friend. Now Casablanca and others can make more sense to her. The first Videotape in wide distribution to use it was "Terminator 2" It makes action films much more accessible. We also wish there was a podcast. Our cable company does not pass through the signal. (We found this out after paying 80 bucks a month for full on digital JUST to get TCM in DVS - Bastards!)


go to


You can Download The Simpsons Episodes here.


hi, i havn't got the program to watch torrents is there a place to download simpson episodes in a format that windows media player can play. please email answer to [email protected] thanks


Wow, this is really interesting.


This started happening on occasion with my VCR. Wish I could have kept the tapes--lots of unintentional humor.


Hey Everyone,
I made up a website that has season 18 of the simpsons (so far).
Its not to flashy, but it works.
Enjoy :)


- hear a phone call ... Bart takes up ... "you father?" . Who asked him? "his boss". , and what the old boss-ass or a complete jerk.

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