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May 23, 2005



I'm amazed that nobody has been using MacArthur Park

Bat Guano

It was a rainy day, Saturday afternoon, and I was stuck working at an automated oldies station. "MacArthur Park" came on, and I nearly jumped out the window.

It was then that I started mixing in Screamin' Jay Hawkins.


Interesting. Slight additional info here:

In particular (scroll down) a small write-up of cases of treasonous DJs trying to screw with the heads of US military listeners during wartime.


This is not 100% true. The US forces do not delive bad music only into enemy's ears. If you ever had the chance to listen to any AFN (armed forces network) operated radios/TVs then you will discover that they also play the same kind of crud over and over again to their own people... and the civilians around. This is cruel!

John Barber

This might be of interest to someone?? that the DOD is using our systems

Thanks for the plug.

John Barber
Lorelei Communications Group, Inc.


I see where they are going, but having just listened to 2:30 of the Happy Flowers track, its coming off as counterintuitive to me. On one hand, the military is blasting this music at someone who, based on there role in the scenario is technically being tortured. This ultimately makes the military the torturer, obviously. On the other hand, this is a bit like Raskalnikov in Crime and Punishment, where the murder is tortured by his own conscience, or in this case, they have to listen to this as well. And the Happy Flowers are the least of it. "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down"? Metaphor aside, that is one terrible song.


Guess the military hasn't discovered grindcore or the "gabber"/"bakalao" genre of electronica yet....

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