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May 26, 2005




I couldn't agree more. "The Last Detail" is one of the best movies of the 70's and always makes my personal top ten. It is, without question, Nicholson's finest and fiercest performance. Favorite line: "I AM THE MOTHERFUCKING SHORE PATROL!"


you picked a favorite moment from one of my favorite movies. i was a buddhist for about a month back in the mid 1980's. i even went to a meeting and a temple out in queens i think it was. part of the chant is still ingrained in my memory: myo ho rengay kyo hoben pa dani ne gi sessan gingin meryo. etc something like that.


Yeah, what Fatherflot said. It's not a documentary, but it could be, based on what I know about sailors (but that's a story for another time).

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