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May 17, 2005


Vincent Cowan

Been listening to WFMU via the interweb and now checking out the blog. Nice stuff lotsa varied content.
Thanks for clueing me into Lionel. Just listened his show. Great stuff. Re: Lionel's taste in music, He may like Chicago, etc. but his producers would lead in with a variety of tunes including The Strokes.
Keep up the great work, especially for us drones at work.


Didn't he have a show on CourtTV once upon a time? Twas called Snap Judgement or something. They showed insane trial footage and he made smartass remarks. Also - I seem to recall he interviewed a giant inflatable chicken one night. That was a good show.


I'm a survivor of the WFLA nineties, and I owe a great deal to Lionel. My fourteen year old still says, "4:44 sign of the devil, everytime he sees it on the car radio clock. And all the girls in Big Y know what I'll say when they say "Hi," and I think they like it.
Here's this:

This is a very decent blog entry. It's freaking grating to hear the callers arguing with Lionel form their perception that he is "on Air America."
"You *are* on Air America!" I love Lionel.

Charles Richardson

I was in my car for a short time Saturday 8/12/06 and heard Lionel on Tampa station 970AM and it seamed to me that Lionel was saying the towers/Pentagon were brought down/hit by explosions and not airplanes. I heard some college professor spouting the same tripe acouple of months ago. Did I understand it correctly or was it some parody?


We need MARON, not Lionel. How is Lionel on AAR? They could have got Maron back if they had agreed to pay him his back pay that they owed him and offered him the right time slot. Nova M, Jones, even CC, listen up - HIRE MARC MARON.


Lionel's show on AAR is okay, but the real good stuff was back on WOR.

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