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May 31, 2005


Benin Dakar

Hip Hop is here to stay

I am forty-four years old and I think that Hip Hop is awesome!

I am proud of the young and now not so young black rappers and Hip Hop performers that have set the world on fire with their rhymes, clothes, speech, and culture.

Many older folk are critical of Hip Hop artists. I think some of the critics are jealous of the notoriety and financial success of many from the Hip Hop generation.

The young Hip Hop entertainers and promoters are among the wealthiest people in black America.

Hip Hop culture is celebrated and copied world wide.

Not all of Hip Hop lyrics are pretty – but not all of reality is pretty. Hip Hop is an art form and art reflects “real life”.

One of my favorite Hip Hop artists is super star 50 Cent.

50 Cent had a hell of an upbringing in New York City and his records reflect what he knows “hard core NYC street life”.

I admire 50 Cent because he made his experience of being a street hustler to work for him instead of against him.

50 Cent’s debut album “Get Rich or Die Trying” is the manifesto for his music and ad career.

In Atlanta music mogul Jermaine Duprey was in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Newspaper talking about how he would like to buy the basketball team the Atlanta Hawks.

And Duprey has the financial power to really buy the team.

Duprey while speaking about possible plans to buy the Hawks was wearing some big shorts and a tee shirt.

Duprey was clothed in the urban casual street wear symbolic of the Hip Hop culture and talking about BIG business plans that few of the Morehouse brothers in business suits can dream of or even begin to execute.

Hip Hop artists are creating and changing culture world wide and laughing all the way to the bank by marketing American urban street life.

Hip hip hurray for Hip Hop!

ibrahim hassan

Dr Dre has earned more money from music related income than any other fellow in rap music which is the bedrock of hip hop.
The likes of jay-Z and P-diddy made their wealth from fashion and other merchandise so the difference is clear.
Dr Dre is the only genius in the game who could enter into American book of innovators and scientist who brought phenomenal changes in the world over
he is like bill gates in software business and Albert Einstein in creativity

Steve Johnson

Hip Hop as a business is definitely alive and well. It is good to see artists getting paid big dollars for their efforts. Major labels are still sticking it to most MC's however the pay percentages are definitely up, and thats a good thing.

The only thing that worries me is that as a true hip hop head its harder and harder to find albums with even two decent tracks .. Nas says "Hip hop is dead", I don't know about that but I will say real hip hop is definitely on life support.. Need more old jay-z, nas, MOP, Guru, Twaleb, Common. dun know.

Steve Johnson


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