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June 17, 2005


eric the half-a-bee

I followed a link from Fluxblog thinking this was a music/mp3 blog. Don'cha have any songs about 9-11/apocolypse? Peaceable Kingdom by Rush from the Vapor Trails album, perhaps?

As to the substance, one of the 9-11 terrorists who was unable to enter the country to be part of the evil plot was in fact captured in Iraq and now resides in the Guantanamo Hilton eating honey fried chicken at taxpayer expense. Who really thinks none have been captured?

It was disappointing that we did not get Bin Laden, but it was a close call. We almost got him. The consensus now is that he shuttles between Iran and the wilder areas of Pakistan. If Iran (part of the remaining Axis of Evil), the biggest state sponsor of terror in the world, did not help Bin Laden, he would find little rest.

We have made significant inroads whittling the leadership of Al Qaeda down. Virtually all of Bin Ladens top associates have fallen to his right and left. Cells have been disrupted, plots stopped in countries around the world. See the book Shadow War by Richard Miniter. Myopic mainstream media can only see what is happening in Iraq. The war on terror is worldwide, and has been very successful to date. Read the book.

Unless those opposed to Mr. Bush move beyond wacky conspiracy theories, they will continue to lose elections. I'm open to the idea that Iraq could be managed better, but by whom? Kerry had no plan. What a waste of botox.

Actually, I've thought for a long time that TWA flight 800 was a conspiracy to cover up terrorist involvement, and now there is evidence of an Arab terrorist (an Iraqi, no less) intimately involved in the Oklahoma City bombing. But those were Clinton-era shenanigans, so I guess not even the left wing nuts are interested in looking too deeply there.

As for Coast to Coast AM with Noory, I'm reminded of Steely Dan's Donald Fagen, who wrote in his song, The Nightfly, "Well you say there's a race/ Of men in the trees? / You're for tough legislation? / Thanks for calling / I wait all night for calls like these."

And amen.

Bat Guano

I hope to someday see these swine tried and convicted. But I wonder about repeating the most fringe-ish of conspiracy theories. There's so much solid proof that Bush Co. has been criminally negligent and incompetent, and that they have lied us into a quagmire. But when we bring up infotainment like "Coast to Coast" (which I enjoyed much more when Art Bell took us into the dark morning of eternal mystery) then we give those like "half-a-bee" the excuse to paint it all as conspiracy theories.

Besides, I do remember seeing a security cam's capture of the plane hitting the pentagon. The thing just came slamming down low.

I'm just saying, please, don't let the swine equate theories that the hijackings didn't happen with revelations like the Downing Street Memo.

Herb Blackschleger

This article seems to be a pretty thorough, nonpartisan debunking of some of the more ridiculous 9/11 theories:


I think a central tenet of so-called conspriracy theory is a desire to make order out of chaos; it is somehow more acceptable to my brain that the Bush Admin has fore-knowledge of the event and let it happen (or caused it to happen) than to accept what is being forced down our throats, because the official story is so chock-full of carelessness, stupidity and incredibly unfortunate conincidences. Still, in many ways, these various mishaps are preferable to believe in than the idea that our government would willingly allow its citizens to be killed, which is the Prof hopes this is all speculation. But there are at least as many holes in official accounts as there are in the so-called conspiracy theories, and in some cases (Such as Michael Rupert's obsessively foot-noted book Crossing the Rubicon) there is very well documented proof of gov't foreknowledge of the attack.
I predict: many years from now, when 9/11 is but a memory, the truth will slowly begin to trickle out...


I'd just like to say that the case for government complicity in 9-11 is much stronger than Prof makes it seem in this post, although many of the issues are touched upon. David Ray Griffen wrote an excellent book titled "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9-11" In his book he does not conclude absolutely that the administration was complicit in the attacks but argues that there is a prima facie case for a full scale investigation without the limitations that were placed on the Kean commission. Such an investigation would have subpeona power and the ability to hear testimony from high ranking officials. His case is presented calmly, logically and is very compelling. (he is a professor of theology at a seminary after all)

With regards to the Popular Mechanics article: As Herb said, the article is a debunking of the more rediculous theories out there. There are hundreds and maybe thousands of different criticisms of the official account of 9-11, made by people of various levels of inteligence and sanity. However, disproving some of these theories doesn't do much to end doubt of the official story. The holes in the official account of the events of 9-11 are so many, and so glaring, that if only one or two of the many, many, criticisms actually hold up to scrutiny, it would constitute a prima facie case for a larger investigation.

It should also be said that the official account of 9-11 is a conspiracy theory itself: Arab Muslim extremists conspiring to attack the United States. Critics of this account simply see holes in official conspiracy theory, and have constructed revised versions that more closely fit the available evidence.

Jennifer Wilbanks

So the government conspired to crash a plane into their own building, the Pentagon? Maybe it was an insurance job.


"I predict: many years from now, when 9/11 is but a memory, the truth will slowly begin to trickle out..."

The same could be said about Kennedy right about now, but it'll never happen.


most of us figured this out a while ago and has moved on. everyone else is living in an alternate reality. enjoy it!

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