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June 08, 2005


opal Bailey Jenkins

please give me a phone number


another Ice cream truck song is bell music of "The Entertainer" a ragtime piano song by Scott Joplin


Hi. This reply is to KernelKlink. For two years I heard that song in my head and today at first I thought it was Clap if you are happy and you know it. But I am very sure is in the tune of She will be coming around the mountain.


Holy crap! I heard the ghetto ice cream truck song in a Detroit suburb while playing soccer in a ghetto neighborhood! I can't believe that you have the MP3. That is amazing. Thank you for making my week.

Bryan Peters

I hear that "Hello?" song EVERY DAY. MY wife and I actually like it, and sometimes do a little dance to it. It's so bad, it's good.


Thanks for the great background music! I used it in this silly YouTube movie:


We hear the "ghetto ice cream truck" song here in Altadena, CA, near LA


Anyone have the FULL version of the Mr. Softee theme song? The link above only plays half of it. It's awesome and ALL ABOUT SUMMERTIME in NYC.
Please advise. I want the mp3 to cheer me up in the dead of winter. THANKS in advance!


First of all - I LIKE provel. Second, the ghetto ice cream truck... Does it creep you out the way she says "HELLO?!" ? It's kind of rude or, at least, the ones around here (St. Louis suburbs) are. It's not a friendy kind of "hello" at all. It's more like someone asked "Is the ice cream truck coming?" and the ice cream truck replies "HELLO?! I'm right here you stupid f*&%$#!!!!" You know, like the way people say "DUH!" when something is obvious. It cracks me up, just the same, and I thank you for the MP3.


hi, i am a member of an amatuer dramatics group, we have searched high and low for the sound effect of an icecream van playing greensleeves, could anyone please help me?
if so contact me on

William Hayes

How can I get a clear download of the Ghetto Ice Cream Truck Song.

Where can I find it?


hi there - i m searching ice cream truck tunes to use for an art installation. - anyone has any help ? i need'em in good resolution. and i hope who ever owns them gives me permission to use.....the installation will be showed in switzerland. thanks for your help, marie


this is great! i just heard the ice cream truck outside my window in queens, a sure sign that it is spring/summer in nyc. i'd love a full version of the original ice cream truck song.

M Wms

I've heard the Ghetto truck song but mostly around here (New England) we get "It's A Small World" and "The Entertainer." I consider the blaring of these tinny, looped songs for 10-30 mins at a time a public nuisance but I seem to be in the minority ....

Piet Van Allen

Not anonymous!

This is "And the Band Played On" (Casey would dance with the strawberry blonde, and the Band Played On...)


We just heard the ghetto ice cream truck song around in our neighborhood (Milwaukee, WI) I had never heard it before! I thought it was a little odd. Personally the "hello" got me laughing. You can also find this on myspace music, just type in ice cream truck.

Tom Sebastiao

Adam asked for the full version of the Mister Softee song. The sheet music for the Mister Softee Jingle and Chimes can be found at this link:

Here is a Mister Softee driver that does a very good job:

My dad had a franchise in the 60's - 70's.


You know.... I CAN'T STAND ANY OF THE SONGS THOSE ICE CREAM TRUCKS PLAY!!!!!! Especially "It's A Small World"... it really gets to me emotionally because me, my mom and my grandmother went to Disney a long.... long time ago, every time I hear it... I get really emotionally upset, and my grandmother passed away in '99 and whenever it plays, I can't help but cry my eyes out. Another one that comes around plays the A-Type music from the Nintendo GameBoy version of Tetris. "Korobeyniki" is the title of the song, which I have to say the rendition of that song that plays on the ice cream truck.... IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!! If I wanted to hear the song, I'd play it on my GameBoy than listen to that crappy version! I was really surprised when one of the trucks played B.J. Thomas's Classic "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head" which is one of my all time favorite oldies songs, but I do have to admit... it wasn't good, but wasn't bad. OMG... Don't even get me started on "turkey in the straw" OVERPLAYED TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!! The theme from the classic movie "The Sting", "The Entertainer" is extremely overplayed, even though I like the movie, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE SONG 50 MILLION TIMES IN A ROW!!! The ghetto ice cream track is really creepy and whenever one of the trucks comes around and plays it... I CRANK UP MY TV REALLY LOUD, or I have on my headphones turned up to the max on whatever CD I have in, same with every of the songs I just mentioned. In fact, in 2003, I came up with a game to drown out the song that was played, it's called AUDIO WARS. I would be so pissed if one came around and played the Super Mario Bros. theme. Now, I think the truck's rendition of "Somewhere My Love" from the musical "Doctor Zhivago" and from the movie Super Mario Bros. starring Bob Hoskins was hands down the worst I've heard so far.... There was even one that played the theme from my favorite gameshow "Jeopardy!" and they really fucked it up, I even yelled outside "WHAT'S THE CATEGORY?! A HA HA HA HA!" When the song was playing, i looked at my clock and "Jeopardy!" comes on TV at 7:00 where I'm from and it was only 5:30 so I said "wtf?" I turned off my tv to find out where it's playing... and what you know, the damn ice cream truck was playing it! I WAS SO MAD! It really pisses me off every summer...


uhm is it possible to make the song ghetto ice cream truck song downloadable?


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Jay UK

The "Lips Stained Blue" track is "The Cuckoo Waltz"


Holy Crap! I used to live in a neighborhood in New Orleans that had a lot of drug activity. An ice cream truck would drive down my block every day blasting the Ghetto Ice Cream Truck song at deafening volume. The truck would take about an hour to drive down my tiny block. There was nowhere in the house that you could escape the sound. They were definitely selling more than just ice cream out of that thing...


I just heard the ghetto ice cream truck song used during Homer's floor routine in the Simpsons episode "Bart Star"!

Mean Green Ice Cream Machine

How about some different types of songs? I run Lowrider on my hydraulic ice cream truck and it does work! - Thanks K from

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