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June 28, 2005


Krys O.

Jerry Carroll was the pitchman and he was an old radio dj. Heard him do fill-ins on WOR-AM ages ago. When I worked for the chain back in the 80's, I met Jerry at a grand opening. He was very nice and soft-spoken.


Toronto's former mayor Mel Lastman was the owner of a furniture and appliance store in Toronto and appeared in the TV ads before he became mayor. Their "jingle" was and is "Who's Better Than Bad Boy? Noooo-body!!!"


I remember seeing a PBS special back in the '80s (I think) about the ratification of the Constitution. It was done as if TV were around then: Al Roker did the weather on a news broadcast, which let you see a map of the states; an actor playing Alexander Hamilton appeared on "Firing Line" with William Buckley, etc. They even had commercials - one of which was for "Trader Eddie's" and had Jerry doing the same spiel. "Because anyone who accepts Continental Dollars has got to be INNNSAAAANNNE!!!!"


I don't even want to tell you how much time I spent on Google and Lexis-Nexis trying to find out what Jerry's up to these days. Suffice it to say I came up empty.

He did reappear in the ads, though, when two of founder Eddie Antar's relatives opened a Crazy Eddie in Wayne, NJ in 1998, years after the last of the original stores had closed. That store closed in 2000 as the business shifted to on-line sales, and it quietly died out -- again amid numerous accusations between the people involved -- in 2003 or 2004.


I miss Christmas in August.


Plus, the annual patriotic Lincoln and Washington's birthday sales.

...but those might have been in the fall.

Don Keehotey


I'm only worried when I get on an airplane and the pilot refers to himself as "Crazy Eddie".

If you’re willing to take a chance on writing by someone who isn’t as funny or rich as Larry David from Seinfeld (Hey, I went to Ohio State what can I say?) or Don Imus, check out our new satire website:


he used to drive stock cars at Wall Stadium here in NJ too. he was a constant winner down there.
at least you didnt need a union card to get into Crazy Eddies, but thats another kettle of fish.


before crazy eddie therewas another electronic store nut who utilized the same te
chniques that eddie copied so successfully. HIs store waslocated on bell blvd in queens. Does anyone remember the name of the store?

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